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How can Manufacturing Process be Improved?

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In today’s fast-changing world, it become essential to provide customers with superior quality in less time. It has become necessary for manufacturers to improvise always.

As a manufacturer, a company should continuously find ways to improve, with superior results. It becomes crucial to find newer ways instead of settling on a single process. To stay in the highly growing competitive market, one has to find ways to produce high-quality products at cheaper costs efficiently and at a rapid rate.

The question arises as to how manufacturers can speed up the manufacturing process

Here are a few things that can be done to speed up the manufacturing process:

1. Automate!

In the last few years, with the growth of technology automation has grown at high speed, previously jobs that used manual labor can be easily done with the help of machines and robots.

These automated machines/ robots can do the work faster and with high accuracy and consistency, which cannot be matched by manual laborers. These machines don’t get tired regardless of frequent work with speed and efficiency.

The output is better when compared to manual labor with fewer mistakes, saving time and labor costs while increasing efficiency.

2. Educate!

Even when the manufacturing process is automated, it is never fully automated without the help of human interference. The Robots or machines used for the manufacturing process need to be programmed, maintained and monitored to make sure maximum production is achieved.

The laborers who program and monitor these robots/ machines should have proper knowledge regarding the process involved. This person should also know about the product manufacturing process.

Eg. If your company is involved in manufacturing steel products, the person should know about the different grades of steel that are available, their mechanical properties, etc.

With proper product knowledge, it becomes easier for the personnel to find ways to optimize your production process.

3. Minimize Transitional Processes

In many manufacturing processes, components have to be moved from one machine to another. Many times the parts have to be moved from one kind of container to another that is specialized for a particular process.

Eg. For different processes, components might have to be moved from a soft polyvinyl chloride -coated basket to stainless steel or Inconel heat treatment basket since the smooth PVC coating cannot take the high temperatures involved in the heat treatment process.

To overcome this issue, manufacturers can make use of a customized metal basket that can tolerate different phases of the manufacturing process instead of transferring the components from one container to another, to help in saving the time taken to move the elements between the different manufacturing processes.

Moreover, to reduce the transition time from one process to another, the manufacturer can assemble all the equipment involved in the production process on the same floor to reduce the time taken to carry components from one machine to another.


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