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11 Types of Lug Nut and Their Uses

Lug Nut

If you’re an auto mechanic or a DIYer, you know that lug nuts are one of the most important components of your vehicle’s wheel assembly. The type of lug nut used can determine the performance and safety of your wheels, so it’s important to use the right ones for your car. In this blog, we’ll explain the different types of lug nuts available and why each one is important.

Types of Lug Nut

Standard Lug Nuts on Passenger Cars

Standard lug nuts are the most common type used on passenger cars. These nuts feature a tapered cone shape with a 60-degree conical seat that fits into the mating surface in your wheel hub. Standard lug nuts come in all different sizes and finishes, including steel, chrome, black zinc plating, and even titanium. They also feature either a 19mm or 21mm hex head for easy removal with a socket wrench.

Tapered Seat Lug Nuts on Light Trucks

Tapered seat lug nuts are most commonly found on light trucks and SUVs. These types feature a slightly larger taper than standard lugs (72-degree conical seat), which allows them to fit snugly into larger mating surfaces on truck wheels. Tapered lug lugs have the same size hex head as standard lugs but usually have a thicker construction for extra strength when mounting heavier wheels and tires to trucks.

Conical Lug Nut

Conical lug nuts are essential for anyone who works on cars, as these reliable and sturdy pieces of hardware provide maximum integrity when supporting a wheel. Conical lug nuts have an angled cone shape that allows for much more secure fitting than standard flange-style nuts. This means that after installation, conical lug nuts hold tighter than traditional round nuts. Not only do they ensure the highest level of security, but their convenience also makes them popular for professional and amateur mechanics alike. If you’re looking for a lasting solution to wheels coming loose, consider investing in quality conical lug nuts – they’re sure to keep your wheels safely in place!

Extended thread Lug Nut

Extended thread lug nuts are an affordable and reliable way to boost the performance of your car. This type of lug nut is designed with a longer thread than the traditional nut, providing a more secure fit for your wheels. The extended thread also spreads out pressure from the wheel, giving you better handling and control on all surfaces. Installing this type of hardware is relatively easy and should be done in no time at all! Extended thread lug nuts can make a huge difference in the look, feel, and performance of your car. Make sure to check out what extended thread lug nuts can do for you today!

Tuner style lug

Tuner-style lug nuts are designed to give cars a more aggressive and stylish look. They come in a variety of colours and materials, from chrome to colourful anodized finishes. Designed to stand out more than traditional lug nuts, they can help make any vehicle look unique. Tuner-style lug nuts typically offer a bigger range of thread sizes to ensure that any wheel properly fits on any car. Some kits also include special sockets and key tools, making it easier for people to change their wheels or add a set of lugs as needed. No matter the purpose, tuner-style lug nuts are sure to add an extra level of style and flare to any vehicle.

Small Diameter Spline Drive Lug Nut

For anyone in need of a lug nut for improved performance and strength on their vehicle, the small-diameter spline drive lug Nut is a great choice. The splined design of this lug nut offers a hold that is much stronger than the traditional hex head style, reducing the likelihood of coming loose under vibration or higher torque levels. Additionally, the swivel washer built into the construction adds to its holding power, making it ideal for aftermarket wheels and applications requiring more torque. This lug nut provides users with security and peace of mind when driving their vehicle around town or on long-distance trips.

Spherical lug Nut

Spherical lug nuts have begun to revolutionize the automotive market. These cutting-edge fasteners are designed with a curved shape, making them easier to tighten and remove than traditional lug nuts. Due to their advanced design, repairs can be completed much faster than before, saving money and time in the process. Furthermore, spherical lug nuts deliver improved dependability when it comes to keeping your tires securely fastened regardless of the terrain. Dirt and road grime leave traditional nuts prone to coming loose over time or due to extreme vibrations, but these innovative nuts keep tires tightly secured, so you don’t have to worry about dangerous flats or blowouts.

Mag Seat Lug Nut

Mag seat lug nuts are an essential part of any vehicle’s wheel installation process. Constructed from high-strength materials and galvanized for maximum corrosion resistance, these specialized lug nuts provide a secure connection between the wheel and the axle. However, what really sets mag seat lug nuts apart is their unique double hex design. This design allows them to be easily tightened and loosened with either a standard wrench or a special low-profile socket. Furthermore, because they use a magnetic torque setting tool, you can be assured that your wheels are safely and securely installed to the recommended torque. When it comes to installing wheels on your vehicle, look no further than mag seat lug nuts!

Flat Seat Lug Nut

Finding the right lug nut for a car, truck, or ATV can be a daunting task. Thankfully, flat seat lug nuts are made specifically to provide a secure fit and make the process much easier. This type of lug nut has an internal design that fits perfectly over the wheel stud. Not only do they provide an exact fit, but they also provide superior holding performance when compared with other types of lug nuts. In addition, flat seat lug nuts are corrosion-resistant and perfect for rugged outdoor applications that require frequent removal and re-installation of tires. Installation is a breeze, making it easy for almost anyone to add these strong, reliable nuts to any vehicle project. Ultimately, flat seat lug nuts offer drivers unbeatable security and peace of mind knowing that their wheels will stay in place no matter where they go.

Lug Bolt

Lug bolts are specially designed with a concave point and an external thread, so they fasten securely and resist corrosion, allowing for a tight ride that’s built to last. Additionally, certain varieties of lug bolts come equipped with washers and nuts for extra security. If you’re looking for strong and reliable connections between your car’s wheels and their hub, then look no further than lug bolts to get the job done right.

Left-hand threaded lug Nut

If you search for wheels for your car, you might come across the phrase “left-hand threaded lug nuts.” These types of lug nuts require an extra level of care when changing tires, as they must be unscrewed to the left instead of the right like a standard nut. If these are installed incorrectly, it can lead to dangerous circumstances or, even worse, having an almost impossible time removing them. Pay attention and make sure that any lug nuts you purchase for your vehicle are compatible with the wheels you intend to use. With a little bit of extra knowledge about left-hand threaded lug nuts, your next tire change will be a piece of cake!


No matter what type of vehicle you have, there is probably a type of lug nut designed specifically for it. Standard lug nuts work perfectly fine on passenger cars, while tapered seat lugs should be used on light trucks or SUV’s with larger wheel hubs. It’s important to use the right type of lug nut for your vehicle so that your wheels will be safe and secure while driving down the road! With so many options available, it should be easy to find just the right set for your application!

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