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6 Types of Allen Bolt and Their Uses

Allen Bolt

Allen bolts, also known as hex socket screws, are fasteners with a hexagonal head that requires an Allen wrench to be inserted into it in order to tighten or loosen the bolt. As they can be made from a variety of materials, they have a wide range of uses. Let’s explore the different types of Allen bolts and their various applications.

Types of Allen Bolt

Button Head Socket Cap Screw

One type of Allen bolt is the button head socket cap screw, which is made from alloy steel for increased strength and durability. These screws are typically used in applications where a low profile is desired because the button head sits flush against whatever surface it is attached to. They are often found in appliances, electronics, furniture, automotive equipment, and much more.

Flat Socket Head Cap Screw

The most basic type of Allen bolt is the flat socket head cap screw. These screws feature a flat top, making them perfect for applications where there must be no protrusion above the surface. They also come in a variety of sizes ranging from #1 to 1/4 inch and are perfect for applications where space is limited, but strength is still necessary.

Shouldered Socket Head Cap Screw

Shouldered socket head cap screws differ from flat socket head cap screws in that they feature an extended shoulder underneath their heads. This extra bit of material allows these screws to be used in applications where something needs to be clamped down tightly against a surface without damaging it. Shouldered socket head cap screws are available in diameters ranging from 3/16″ up to 5/8″, making them great for any project that requires more than just basic clamping force.

Set Screw

Set screws are another Allen bolt type commonly used when precision alignment is important, but axial load capacity isn’t required. Set screws feature a small point at the end, which helps them remain firmly in place once they’re inserted into a hole. Set screws are available in both steel and stainless steel varieties and come in sizes ranging from #2 to 3/8 inch, making them great for any application where you need something to stay securely fixed in place without having to worry about it slipping out or moving around too much.

Flat Head Socket Cap Screw

Flat-head socket cap screws also feature a hexagonal head that requires an Allen wrench for installation or removal. Unlike button head socket cap screws, flat head screws sit slightly above the surface when installed due to their flat top design. This type of Allen bolt is often used in woodworking projects such as cabinets or furniture where countersinking may not be possible. They can also be used in metalworking projects since they allow alignment adjustments before fully tightening down.

Hex Socket Set Screw

Hex socket set screws are designed with an internal hex drive that allows them to be fully seated within the application they are being installed on while providing a secure hold without protruding outwards. This makes them ideal for applications where aesthetics, such as medical equipment or art installations, need to come into play. These set screws also have excellent corrosion resistance, making them perfect for outdoor use like playground structures or garden furniture assembly.


Many Allen bolts are available for use depending on your project requirements and needs. Button head socket cap screws offer low profile installation, while flat head socket cap screws provide additional clearance when countersinking may not be possible. Hex socket set screws offer a flush fit when aesthetics need to come into play while providing excellent corrosion resistance for outdoor and indoor use in medical equipment or art installations. No matter what your project calls for, there is an Allen bolt that will work perfectly every time!

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