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5 Types of Anchor Screws and Their Uses

Anchor Screws

An anchor screw is a vital tool in every construction project. It is a fastener that secures heavy loads to walls, concrete, or any other supportive structure. The correct anchor screw is necessary for any project to ensure stability and safety. Four main types of anchor screws are commonly used today: L-shaped, double-end rods with a plate, headed, and swedge. This blog will discuss each type of anchor screw in depth and how they are commonly used.

Types of Anchor Screws

L-Shaped Anchor Screws

L-shaped anchor screws, also known as corner brackets, are one of the most popular anchor screws. They are best used for projects that require a strong support structure in corners, as they are designed to fit flush against a wall. These screws come in various sizes, making them an excellent choice for light and heavy-duty projects. They are also ideal for hanging cabinets, shelves, and other household items.

Double End Rods with a Plate

Double-end rod anchor screws are ideal for joints and connections in a project. The double ends at each side make it perfect for holding wooden or metal beams together. A plate attaches on both ends of the rod that acts as a support for the screws. This type of anchor screw is best for construction projects that require a secure and lasting connection on beams, joints, or pipes.

Headed Anchor Screws

Headed anchor screws, also known as sleeve anchors, are a type of anchor that has a washer and nut on the end. They are great for use in masonry, brick, or concrete walls. These screws come in various lengths, making them versatile for projects requiring a stronghold.

Swedge Anchor Screws

Swedge anchor screws connect metal objects to concrete or masonry walls. They have a unique design that provides a stronghold by expanding the base of the screw once it’s tightened. These screws come in various sizes, making them perfect for light and heavy-duty projects.


In conclusion, anchor screws are essential in every construction project. Different anchor screws are used for various projects, ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty. Choosing the right anchor screw is necessary to ensure safety and stability in a structure. Understanding the four types of anchor screws discussed in this blog post will help you choose the perfect anchor screw for your next project. Choose wisely, and you’ll have a reliable project for years.

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