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5 Types of Machine Bolt and Their Uses

Machine Bolt

Machine bolts are essential for any assembly or construction work. They are fasteners used to secure materials and parts from each other. They can also be used to attach machine elements and other hardware. Machine bolts come in different sizes and shapes and vary in their thread patterns and heads for various applications. This blog explores the different types of machine bolts and their uses.

Types of Machine Bolt

Hex Bolt

Hex or tap bolts are the most commonly used machine bolts. They have a threaded shank and a hexagonal head. They are used in construction and machinery industries for fastening steel and wood. These bolts have different grades, depending on their strength and durability.

Carriage Bolt

Carriage bolts have a round head with a square neck. The square neck prevents the bolt from turning when tightening it. They are used to attach wood to metal or metal to metal. Carriage bolts are usually used outdoors since the round head is hard to tamper with.

Flange Bolt

Flange bolts have a broad, round base under the head that distributes the load evenly. They are commonly used to connect two flanges and hold them in place. They are also used in the automotive, construction, and agricultural industries. A flange bolt is usually made of carbon or alloy steel, which makes it durable.

Socket Head Cap Screw

Socket head cap screws are also called Allen screws. They have a cylindrical head with a hexagonal socket to insert the Allen wrench. These screws are used in areas where many screws need to be tightened.

Shoulder Bolt

Shoulder bolts are similar to carriage bolts, except they have a shorter and more extensive thread section. They have a smooth, cylindrical shoulder, which acts as an alignment guide. They are used in machines and engines to locate and align parts.


In conclusion, machine bolts are vital in fastening sturdy structures and components. Each type of bolt has a specific application where it’s most suitable. Therefore, knowing the different types and uses of machine bolts can help you make informed decisions when choosing the correct bolt for your project. Moreover, following the bolt’s grade and strength specifications is essential to ensure safety and avoid expensive damages.

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