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5 Types of Rack Bolt Screw and Their Uses

Rack Bolt Screw

Fasteners play a significant role in any construction project’s strength, durability, and reliability. Assembling doors, cabinets, boats, or any other object requires an anchor that keeps the components in one place. A Rack Bolt Screw, also known as a security bolt, plays the role of a hidden fastener that offers a clean and secure fix. This article provides comprehensive information on the different types of rack bolt screws and their uses.

Types of Rack Bolt Screw

Hexagonal Rack Bolt Screws – 

Hexagonal rack bolt screws are designed with a hexagonal-shaped head. The head has six sides, which need a wrench or pliers to turn and fit the anchor into the object. These screws are usually used for insulating or glazing glassware or securing locks on doors.

Black Roll Pin Rack Bolt Screws –

Roll pin rack bolt screws have the greatest holding power, making them an ideal candidate for securing steel structures such as a fence or gate. They have a black wire-like appearance and secure the material from slipping off.

Round Head Rack Bolt Screws –

Round head rack bolt screws feature a dome-shaped head that looks good in a finished project. They are ideal for wooden objects such as cabinets or doors and are a superior alternative to magnets or other visible fixtures.

Nylon Head Rack Bolt Screws –

Nylon rack bolt screws are fasteners designed with a nylon head, which is ideal for delicate surfaces such as glazed glass. Their plastic head prevents the screws from damaging the objects they hold.

Slotted Rack Bolt Screws –

Slotted rack screws are another form of security screws that require specialized tools such as a flat head screwdriver or hex key for installation and removal. These screws offer strongholds and adjustability and are commonly used in the safety and security industry.


Rack Bolt Screw is a vital component in any security and construction industry, and selecting the right one for your project is indispensable. You need to look out for the right qualities, such as strength, durability, reliability, and the strength of the screw you require. The above types cater to different needs, and their functionality is bound to work best with your projects. With this information, you will be better equipped to choose the bolts that fit your unique requirements.

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