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5 Types of Screw Threads and Their Uses

Screw Threads

Screw threads are almost everywhere – from our homes to the machines we use in manufacturing plants. They play a significant role in joining different parts and fastening objects securely. Understanding the different types of screw threads is essential in making the right choice for specific applications.

Types of Screw Threads

Standard Threads

The standard thread is the most commonly used screw thread in the world. It is the simplest type of screw thread used in various applications where strength and durability are not the primary concern. The standard thread profile has a V-shape that is 60 degrees on each side. They come in metric and imperial thread standards, the difference being the unit of measurement used in developing the thread form. Some examples of applications that use standard threads include furniture assembly, packaging, and automotive parts.

ACME Threads

ACME threads are designed for high load-bearing and high-torque applications. Their trapezoidal shape is well-suited and can securely fasten elements that require extra tightness. ACME threads usually come with a 29-degree angle on each side or a 30-degree angle on each side, making them easier to machine than standard threads. These threads suit various uses, including lead screws, jack screws, and CNC machines.

Buttress Threads

Buttress threads feature a 45-degree angle at one side of the line and a straight vertical wall on the other. They offer excellent resistance to forces applied in one direction. They are commonly used for components like valves, pumps, and hydraulic systems, where a high axial load is involved in a single order.

Square Threads

Square threads are recognized for their high efficiency and excellent resistance to wear and tear. Their shape consists of square crests and roots, with a flat pitch surface. They are exact and accurate in parts like lead screws, jackscrews, and other high-precision applications.

Specially Designed Threads

Besides popular screw thread designs, custom-designed threads are made for specific applications. For instance, ball screws offer high precision and rigidity in various machines used for automotive, aviation, and other industries. Some other examples include acme stub threads, modified square threads, and unified miniature screw threads.


Screw threads are essential components, with different applications needing specific designs. A comprehensive knowledge of screw threads can optimize product design and prevent counter-productive methods, leading to less downtime and higher efficiency. Understanding the different types of screw threads is crucial in making the right choice for specific applications. So, knowing the right screw thread can make all the difference, whether for a home project or a manufacturing need.

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