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5 Types of Set Screws and Their Uses

Set Screws

Set screws are essential for holding objects together, especially for industrial applications. Though small, they play a significant role in supporting heavy loads and ensuring machinery functions optimally. Depending on your specific application, you can use different set screws, such as secured head, cup, or knurled cup set screws. This article will provide helpful information on types of set screws to help you make an informed purchase.

Types of Set Screws

Secured Head Set Screws

Secured head set screws, also known as dog point or grub screws, are commonly used in applications where a precise alignment of components is required. These screws have a slight indentation at the end, allowing them to fit tightly against the surface without leaving a mark. They provide a reliable grip and robust support as they press against an object’s surface, making them ideal for gears, pulleys, and other similar applications.

Cup Point Set Screws

Cup point set screws feature a rounded tip with a concave depression and are ideal for holding objects together. Because of their shape, they offer a higher resistance to lateral movement due to the extra surface area in contact with the material. They’re perfect for use in softer materials like aluminium and plastic.

Knurled Cup Set Screws

Knurled cup set screws have a unique design that combines the features of a secured head and cup point screws. The knurled cup provides a more secure grip on objects, helping to prevent slippage. They’re typically used when the screw must resist torque, vibration, or shear.

Cone Point Set Screws

Cone point set screws feature a pointed tip with a cone-shaped end that narrows to a fine point at the end. They’re ideal for demanding, brittle materials like glass and ceramic, where a flat-tipped screw could cause damage. The pointed tip allows the screw to grip the surface better, increasing holding power.

Flat Point Set Screws

Flat point set screws feature a flat tip and are typically used in applications where an object needs to be tightened onto a shaft or other similar components. They’re ideal for holding together more massive things and are commonly found in automotive, construction, and agricultural machinery.


Choosing the right set screw for your application is critical, especially for industrial equipment. By understanding the types of set screws available, you can select the one that suits your needs best. Depending on the material, shape, and grip required, the five types of set screws we’ve discussed – secured head, cup point, knurled cup, cone point, and flat point – provide various options. As you evaluate your options, consider factors like the level of precision required, the torque needed, and the potential for damage to the object being held. With the correct type of set screw, you can rest assured that your equipment will function efficiently and securely.

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