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5 Types of Spring Lock Washers

Spring Lock Washers

A spring lock washer, split, or spiral spring washer is a small but critical component in any mechanical or industrial assembly. It provides a secure grip between two parts and prevents them from slipping or coming apart. This blog post will discuss the different types of spring lock washers and their applications.

Regular Spring Lock Washer

This is the most widely used type of spring lock washer and is available in metric and standard sizes. It is a flat washer with a small split in the middle that acts as a spring. When the washer is tightened, the split compresses and creates tension between the two parts. It is commonly used in automotive, construction, and electrical applications.

Toothed Spring Lock Washer

This washer has teeth on its upper surface that bite into the material it is attached to, providing a firmer grip than a regular spring lock washer. It is used in high-vibration applications such as engines, heavy machinery, and locomotives.

Serrated Spring Lock Washer

Like the toothed washers, serrated spring lock washers have small serrations on their upper surface. The serrations create a better grip and are less likely to slip or loosen over time. They are commonly used in power plants and chemical processing equipment with high temperatures and pressures.

Wave Spring Lock Washer

Wave spring lock washers are specially designed for assemblies requiring a minimal profile. They feature a wave-like shape that provides more flexibility than a regular spring lock washer. They are often used in aerospace, medical equipment, and electronic applications where space is at a premium.

Belleville Spring Lock Washer

Belleville spring lock washer, also known as a conical spring washer, is a washer that is conically shaped with one side that is slightly dished and one side that is slightly convex. They are used when the application requires high spring rates in a confined space. They are often used in aviation, marine and defence equipment.


In conclusion, various spring lock washers are available, each designed for specific applications. Regular, toothed, serrated, wave, and Belleville, spring lock washers are just a few options. Before selecting the correct spring lock washer for your application, it is essential to consider the materials being fastened together, vibration levels, operating temperatures, and space restrictions. This blog post has provided valuable insights into the different types of spring lock washers.

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