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8 Types of Spring Washers and Their Uses

6 Types of Spring Washers and Their Uses

When fastening bolts or screws, using a spring washer can help ensure a more secure and reliable connection. Spring washers are functional parts that provide extra friction to a bolt, nut, or screw. They are available in different types, each making them suitable for other purposes. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of spring washers and their functions.

What are Washers?

It is a disk-shaped thin plate has a hole in the middle. The size of the washer depends upon the fastener used in combination with it. The material used for the washers is depending upon end-use. Mostly, plastic and metal washers are available.

Uses of Washers

Washers play a crucial role in industries, and there are two different types of standards for the formation of washers. The measures used for washers are known as type. So, there are two types of washers available for general use.

Types of Spring Washers

Belleville Washers

Belleville washers, also known as conical washers, are unique because of their shape. These washers are designed to provide constant tension and maintain their load over time. Belleville washers are often used in machinery or equipment that put extra pressure on the bolts to which they are attached. They are strong and can be used in almost all engineering products that require high-strength fastenings.

Cup Washers

Cup washers may be a small component, but they significantly prevent water leakage in various industrial and household applications. These washers are designed to fit under the head of a screw or a bolt to create a tight seal and prevent water or other liquids from penetrating joints. A reliable and well-designed cup washer can amazingly improve the performance of an entire machine or equipment.

Wave Washers

Wave washers, or wave springs, look like a wave or a wave’s crest. They are preferred when a cushioning effect or limited axial space is needed. They offer good axial retention but require more space than a split washer’s thickness. Typical applications include bearing preloading and shaft-mounted pumps.

Split Washers

Split washers are also called helical spring washers. These are the most common type of washers used for general-purpose locking devices. Split washers feature two separate pieces that are interlocked to make a waveform. They are ideal for use in smaller fasteners like screws and bolts and provide resistance to vibration and other types of movement.

Disc Spring Washers

Disc spring washers, also known as Belleville disc washers, have similar properties to conical spring washers. They are highly regarded for use in machinery and equipment requiring high spring loads. These washers have excellent load-bearing capabilities and can provide exceptional spring rates. They are often used to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction forces.

Dome Spring Washers

It is also the type of spring washers that has ground curves to support high load capacity. Also, they show comparatively small deflection range.

Finger Spring Washers

These are carbon steel washers and mainly applicable to negotiating noise, wear, and vibrations of assembly. Finger Spring Washers are suitable for preloading ball bearings and other applications. These washers are useful for vibrations, noise clearance and end applications. Finger spring washers promote efficiency and smooth operation; further, it reduces wear and tear applications.

Curved Spring Washers

Curved spring washers are classified into four different types. They include the crescent, bowed, finger, and wave washers. These washers are designed to distribute the load evenly. They help to reduce stress on fasteners, and they increase the load-bearing capacity of the joint. Curved spring washers are typically used in applications with oscillating movement.


As we have seen, spring washers are available in different types and are designed for various engineering applications. When selecting a spring washer for your project, carefully consider what best suits your needs. Remember, spring washers help to ensure your machinery functions efficiently and remains secure and durable over time. Always choose the appropriate spring washer type for your project to ensure your machine runs smoothly and reliably.

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