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8 Different Types of Machine Screw

Machine Screw

Machine screws are an essential component in many different types of industrial and commercial applications. Knowing which type of machine screw is best for your application can save you time and money in the long run. Here’s a quick guide to the various types of machine screws available and how they differ from each other.

Types of Machine Screw

Flat Head Screw

Flathead screws are one of the most common types of machine screws. They are characterized by their flat, countersunk heads, which allow them to sit flush against the surface they’re fastened into. Flathead screws are commonly used in carpentry, furniture assembly, and light-duty electronics installations. These screws come with either slotted or Phillips drive heads.

Truss Head Screw

Truss head screws have a larger, flatter head than flat head screws, making them ideal for applications with a more decorative finish. They also provide greater torque resistance compared to flathead screws due to their larger surface area. Truss head screws are often used in woodworking projects and in electrical installations where aesthetics matter more than strength.

Pan Head Screw

Pan head machine screws feature a rounded top that sits higher above the surface than flat or truss head machine screws—making them better suited for use with thicker materials such as metal or plastic sheets. Pan head machine screws come with either slotted or Phillips drive heads and can be used for almost any application requiring strong fastening power.

Stainless steel machine screw

Stainless steel machine screws are tough and reliable fasteners, perfect for a variety of applications. Their corrosion resistance makes them great for outdoor projects, while their strength and durability make them suitable for intensive industrial projects. Stainless steel also has high reusability, making it an economically sound choice. Whatever your needs, stainless steel machine screws are sure to fit the bill. They provide secure fittings, easy assembly, and superior performance over time.

Brass machine screws

Machine screws are essential components across numerous industries, and brass machine screws are popular for their strength, corrosion resistance, and rust-proofing qualities. Brass machine screws do not conduct electricity and can therefore be used as electrical components without risking any accidental voltage run through them. Brass also allows for an even spread of pressure in the screw head to ensure that the screw is securely tightened, making them perfect for fastening components tightly into place. Overall, brass machine screws offer a versatile, cost-effective solution to many industrial fastening needs.

Plated machine screw

Plated machine screws are a great choice for any DIY project or commercial project due to their durability and reliability. They have a number of benefits which come with them, such as having high corrosion resistance and anti-vibration capabilities. Additionally, plated machine screws come in a variety of lengths and widths to suit individual needs. The advantages of these screws make them ideal for industrial-grade projects and heavy-duty tasks which require strength and stability. Plated machine screws can be purchased from most hardware stores or online retailers, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Phillips head machine screw

Phillips head machine screws are essential for any home or industrial DIY project. Their unique design, which features a cross-shaped tip, allows for easy placement and tightening of components in a variety of applications. With their secure fit, Phillips head screws ensure your hard work is safe from becoming undone due to vibration or stress from movement or materials. As an added bonus, these screws also allow for quick removal when the time comes to switch out parts. Whether you’re constructing furniture, restoring antiques, building machines, or any other type of home repair project imaginable, Phillips head machine screws are guaranteed to get the job done right!

Fillister or cheese-head machine screw

Fillister or cheese-head machine screws are a common type of fastener and are frequently used in many industries. Their simple design allows them to easily be installed depending on the specific application, with just a screwdriver or socket wrench. They are also considered one of the most cost-effective solutions for mechanical attaching due to their relatively low cost. The fillister head helps to ensure that the screw won’t become loose over time, even through harsh wear and tear conditions. For these reasons, fillister or cheese-head machine screws continue to remain popular among professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike!


No matter what project you’re working on, there’s likely a type of machine screw that will suit your needs perfectly! Knowing which type of screw is best for your application can save you time and money in the long run, so do your research before you buy! With so many different types available, from flat to truss to pan head machine screws you’re sure to find exactly what you need no matter what project you’re working on!

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