ThePipingMart Blog Fasteners Copper Washer vs Aluminum Washer – What’s the Difference

Copper Washer vs Aluminum Washer – What’s the Difference

Copper Washer vs Aluminum Washer

Small components like washers significantly impact the vehicle’s overall performance when we talk about the automotive industry. Over time, the materials used to create washers have evolved; today, copper and aluminium washers are two of the most commonly used materials. This has prompted a debate about which one is better. In this blog post, we will look in-depth at the differences between copper and aluminium washers, their advantages and disadvantages, and the best situations to use them.

Difference Between Copper Washer and Aluminum Washer

Durability and Strength

Copper washers are known for their strength, flexibility, and ability to maintain their shape under pressure. As a result, they are ideal for use in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Aluminium washers, on the other hand, are less durable. They are better suited for applications where the pressure and temperature requirements are low. Copper washers are the ideal choice if you’re looking for strength and durability.

Corrosion Resistance

Copper has excellent corrosion resistance as compared to aluminium. Copper washers are resistant to rust and oxidation and are non-magnetic. Aluminium, on the other hand, is susceptible to corrosion and oxidation. Therefore, copper is the better choice if you are looking for a washer that can withstand harsh environments.

Heat Conductivity and Dissipation

Copper washers possess good heat conductivity, which can dissipate heat evenly over a large surface area. On the other hand, an Aluminum washer, while a better conductor of electricity, is a poor conductor of heat. This makes copper washers more suitable for applications where heat dissipation is critical.


Aluminium washers have a lower cost than copper and are more affordable. Likely, copper washers will not be used where inexpensive options are required but where durability and performance are the key considerations.


Copper washers have a higher level of versatility than aluminium washers. Copper washers fit well with a range of fasteners and, in combination, can perform in any application range. Aluminium washers work well in fasteners made of aluminium and can be used in all fasteners.


Copper and aluminium washers have their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the scenario at hand. Copper washers proved to be more durable, corrosion-resistant, had better heat conductivity, and were versatile. On the other hand, aluminium washers came out on top regarding cost-effectiveness and were best suited for situations where low pressure and temperature were the norms. Therefore, it is essential to consider these factors when selecting the ideal washer for your vehicle.

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