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How to Use Self-Drilling Screws in Metal

How to Use Self-Drilling Screws in Metal

When fastening two or more pieces of metal together, a self-drilling screw is the way to go. Self-drilling screws are an all-in-one fastener that eliminates the need for drilling a pilot hole before screwing in the screw. This screw has a drill bit-like tip that can cut through the metal, providing a clean and secure finish. This post will discuss using self-drilling screws in metal and some tips to make the process hassle-free.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Screw for the Job

When you purchase self-drilling screws for your metal project, choose the appropriate size and length for your task. The length of the screw should be enough to penetrate both metal pieces and have a few threads into each. The thickness of the screw should also be considered according to the thickness of the metal sheets you will be fastening.

Tip #2: Secure the Sheets Before Fastening

Before drilling the self-drilling screw into the metal sheets, make sure they are tightly clamped together. This ensures that the metal sheets do not move during the screwing process, which may cause the screw to misalign or damage the pieces of metal.

Tip #3: Drill the Screw Slowly

To effectively use a self-drilling screw in metal, start drilling the screw slowly. This will give you time to control the placement of the screw and avoid damaging the metal sheets. Also, as you hit the screw into the metal sheets, pay attention to the slight sound change the screw makes upon completing the initial drilling process.

Tip #4: Prevent Over-Drilling

Over-drilling occurs when you continue drilling after the screw has been fully secured into the metal sheets. It weakens the joint and may damage the metal. Therefore, it is essential to prepare the self-drilling screw to the depth required and not continue after it has sufficiently secured the metal sheets together.

Tip #5: Use Caution While Screw Driving

When driving self-drilling screws into metal, use caution not to apply too much force. Applying too much pressure may break the drill bit tip of the screw, which reduces its effectiveness and causes difficulty in removing it.


Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, knowing how to use self-drilling screws in metal is essential. The process can be easy and effective if you follow the tips outlined in this article. Remember to select the correct screw size, secure the sheets before fastening, drill slowly, prevent over-drilling and use caution during screw driving. You will be able to fasten any metal sheets securely and accurately.

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