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Lock Washers vs Loctite – What’s the Difference

Lock Washers vs Loctite

When you’re working on a project that involves fastening two components, you want to ensure they stay in place. To do this, two popular options are available – lock washers and Loctite. Knowing these two products’ differences can help you make the right decision for your application.

Lock Washer

A lock washer is a mechanical fastener that helps secure bolts and screws. It is a thin metal disc with teeth or serrations on one side, designed to bite into surfaces when tightened. Once in place, the teeth create friction that prevents the bolt from loosening, even under vibration or heavy loads. Lock washers provide an additional layer of security compared to standard nuts and bolts but are not as strong as other locking methods like Loctite.


Loctite is a brand name for thread lockers, compounds used to secure screws, nuts, and bolts by filling any gaps between threads. Thread lockers create an extremely strong bond between threaded parts by curing them into a solid resin after application. They are typically used in applications requiring extra security, such as engines and gearboxes where vibration is present or extreme temperatures occur. Unlike lock washers, thread lockers do not require disassembly before reapplication since they form a permanent bond with no cure time needed before use.

Difference Between Lock Washers and Loctite

  • A lock washer is a type of washer that is used to prevent a nut or bolt from coming loose.
  • A lock washer creates friction between the nut or bolt and the surface it is screwed into.
  • Lock washers are available in various materials, including steel, brass, and nylon.
  • Loctite is a type of adhesive used to bond two surfaces together.
  • Loctite adhesives are available in various formulations for general-purpose use, high-strength applications, and low-temperature applications.
  • Loctite adhesives can be applied to various surfaces, including metal, plastic, and wood.


Both lock washers and Loctite can be effective solutions for keeping components securely fastened together in different applications. However, it’s essential to know their differences to choose the best method for your project. Generally speaking, lock washers provide added security but may need to be re-tightened after some time, while thread lockers offer maximum strength but cannot be reused once applied. Ultimately the choice comes down to your specific needs and circumstances surrounding the project at hand!

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