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Nord Lock Washer vs Spring Washer – What’s the Difference

Nord Lock Washers vs Spring Washers

Washers may seem like small, simple machines, but they play a crucial role in keeping assembled parts from falling apart. Different types of washers are available in the market, including Spring and Nord lock washers. This blog post will discuss the key differences between these two types of washers to help you choose the most suitable option for your application needs.

What is Nord Lock Washer?

Nord Lock washers are specialized locking components that secure bolted connections subjected to high vibration and extremely dynamic loads. They provide a two-way wedge-locking action that prevents loosening due to shock, vibrations, and impacts. The unique conical design of the Nord Lock Washer creates an interference fit between the securing bolts and the materials being connected. This ensures that any force applied will be distributed evenly across all parts, effectively preventing contaminated threads or grooves from causing loosening. Additionally, its Galvanizing technology provides superior corrosion protection in even the harshest conditions.

What is Spring Washer?

Spring washers, also known as split washers or helical springs, are designed to increase tension and provide a more secure fit when used with screws and nuts. They’re made from metal and feature a coiled design that may look like an expanded coil or two half circles held together in the middle; when pressure is applied, the sides come closer together, providing extra support. Spring washer’s main purpose is to compensate for loosely fitting components, reduce vibration by increasing friction between parts, and reduce noise due to vibrations, among other uses. These components are commonly used in industries such as automotive engineering, where they act as shock absorbers on suspension systems.

Difference Between Nord Lock Washer and Spring Washer

Design and Function

Spring washers, also called disc springs, are curved discs that can flatten and return to their original shape when subjected to a load. These washers are designed to maintain tension and absorb shock, and they work by compressing the nut or bolt between the washer and the mating surface. On the other hand, Nord lock washers have a different design, incorporating wedge-shaped cams that lock the bolt head and nut together. They don’t deform easily, which makes them ideal for use in industries where vibrations are a concern.

Load Capacity

Spring washers are highly effective when dealing with applications requiring precise load tolerance. These washers can hold a heavy load without losing their tension, which makes them ideal for use in heavy-load applications. However, Nord lock washers are specifically designed for applications with high forces and vibrations. These washers can maintain their tension and effectively distribute the load throughout the joint, which significantly reduces the risk of fastener loosening.

Installation and Maintenance

Spring washers are easy to install and maintain and don’t require special tools. However, they must be installed correctly to avoid losing their tension over time. Nord lock washers require a special tool for installation, and they need to be checked periodically to ensure that they maintain their locking function. This means that they require more maintenance than spring washers.

Cost Considerations

Spring washers are generally cheaper than Nord lock washers and readily available in most hardware stores. On the other hand, Nord lock washers are more expensive and less readily available. However, if your application requires a washer that can maintain its tension and lock the joint effectively, Nord lock washers are a great investment.

Application Considerations

When choosing between spring and Nord lock washers, it’s crucial to consider the application’s specific needs. If you’re dealing with heavy loads, spring washers are ideal. However, Nord lock washers are the better option for applications where vibrations are a concern. Nord lock washers are also ideal for use in critical applications like aerospace and mining, where a loose fastening can result in catastrophic consequences.


In summary, Spring and Nord lock washers are critical in keeping assembled parts from falling apart. While spring washers are suitable for applications with heavy loads, Nord lock washers are ideal for applications with high forces and vibrations. When choosing between the two, it’s crucial to consider the application’s specific needs and select the right washer that can effectively lock the joint, maintain tension, and distribute the load equally. Always consult a professional to determine which washer is best for your application.

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