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Advantages of Bolts and Nuts over Welds

The confusion of using bolts and nuts always arises while designing industrial infrastructures like buildings. This might seem like a rather insignificant decision to make however there are certain advantages bolts and nuts hold over the welding.


Advantages of Bolts and Nuts Over Welds

More Movement

The rigidity of welded joints is more than nuts or bolts this happens due to the cross section being continuous. The bolts and nuts on the other hand connected by angles or plates provide more flexibility. Hence, less stress is caused to the structure if bolts or nuts are used.

Easier And Faster Installation

The installation process of nuts and bolts is far easier and more efficient when compared to welding. Welding requires skilled labour, special equipment, and safety measures, whereas nuts and bolts require simple tools and unskilled labour also makes it cost efficient.

Easier Replacement / Maintenance

Once welded the structure is kind of a permanent fix and taking it apart for maintenance might be a complicated process. Nuts and bolts come with the ease of getting replaced easily, as each nut or bolt can be removed individually making the whole process less complicated.

Easier Inspection

huge structures also require regular inspection and welds can give you a hard time when it comes to inspection. In some areas, high-tech equipment like an x-ray machine will drive the cost up rather spectacularly. Nuts and bolts are really simple and can be inspected with a naked eye making the whole process time and cost-efficient.

They do not require Heat Treatment

During installation or removal, nuts and bolts do not require any kind of special heat treatment. If heat treatment is given, it will alter the grain structure and properties of the material. This is one of the amazing benefits of these fasteners.

Using the appropriate nuts and bolts for your purpose now, will avoid extra and operating costs in the future. These nuts and bolts are cost-effective in the long term.

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