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What is Body Bolt?

Body Bolt

Body bolts are a crucial part of any metalworking project. They provide strength, durability, and reliability in the metal structures you create. If you’re new to metalworking or just want to learn more about body bolts and their uses, this guide is for you. Read on to get a better understanding of body bolts and how they can be used in your projects.

What is Body Bolt?

Body bolts are threaded fasteners with a cylindrical head that extends outward from the bolt’s steel body. They have an open-end design which makes them easy to install into pre-tapped holes. The threads of the bolt grip onto the tapped hole so that it stays secure while in use. The cylindrical head provides a wide bearing surface which allows it to take heavy loads without damaging the tapped hole. Because of their shape, body bolts are often used when there is limited space for other types of threaded fasteners.

Body Bolt Uses

Body bolts are ideal for use in applications where there is limited access due to space restrictions, such as engine blocks, gearboxes, crankshafts, and flywheels. They are also commonly used in automotive suspension systems as well as aircraft construction since they can handle high amounts of vibration without loosening up or becoming damaged over time. Additionally, they can be used as hinge pins or pivot points in many types of machinery due to their strength and resilience against heavy loads.

In addition to these uses, body bolts can also be used in electrical installations since they provide excellent insulation against electricity due to their copper core construction. This makes them ideal for use around computers and other sensitive electronic components where static interference could cause damage or disruption to operations.


Body bolts are an incredibly versatile threaded fastener option that can be used for a variety of applications ranging from automotive suspension systems to computer installations. Their open-end design makes them easy to install into pre-tapped holes, while their cylindrical heads offer a wide-bearing surface with superior load-bearing capabilities even under extreme vibration conditions. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why body bolts have become such an essential part of any metalworking project!

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