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What is Brass Anchor Eye Bolt? Types and Uses

Brass Anchor Eye Bolt

A brass anchor eye bolt is a fastener made from brass that can be used for a variety of applications, including hanging items such as pictures or chandeliers. These bolts are made of brass and have an eye at one end that allows them to be attached to other pieces. In this blog post, we will discuss what brass anchor eye bolts are, the types available, and the uses for this versatile material.

What is Brass Anchor Eye Bolt?

A brass anchor eye bolt is a type of fastener that has an open loop on one end and threads on the opposite end. The open loop makes it ideal for connecting two pieces together without having to drill holes or use nuts and bolts. These bolts are typically available in different sizes and lengths depending on the application they will be used for. They also come in different thread styles (metric or imperial), so they can fit into any existing hole or screw size you might need.

Brass Anchor Eye Bolt Types

The most common types of brass anchor eye bolts are machine grade, thread forming, lag screws, shoulder screws, self-tapping screws, carriage bolts, and hex head cap screws. Each type has its own unique characteristics that make it suitable for different applications. For instance, machine-grade bolts are designed to be strong enough to hold heavy loads, while thread-forming bolts are more suitable for lighter loads because they deform more easily when tightened down. Lag screws are ideal for outdoor applications because their large diameter provides greater strength than other types of anchors. Shoulder screws have a smooth shoulder that helps reduce friction when tightening them down, while self-tapping screws provide superior holding power when installed into wood or metal surfaces without pre-drilling holes first. Carriage bolts feature a tapered point at the tip, which helps guide them through the material being drilled, while hex head cap screws offer increased torque resistance when tightened down into place due to their larger head size compared to other types of anchors.

Brass Anchor Eye Bolt Uses

Brass anchor eye bolts are used in many industrial settings as well as in residential buildings for tasks such as hanging pictures and chandeliers from ceilings or walls. These fasteners can also be used as part of machinery assembly where precision and control over movements are required due to their ability to provide secure connections between two parts with minimal slippage under pressure or load stressors from environmental conditions like vibration or shock waves from nearby machines operating in close proximity. Additionally, these anchors can also be used in plumbing systems where pipes need to be securely connected without fear of them coming loose over time due to corrosion build-up or other external factors like temperature fluctuations throughout the day impacting their structural integrity over extended periods of time with regular use.


No matter what your application is, there’s sure to be a type of brass anchor eye bolt that’s perfect for your needs! This versatile material offers strength and reliability while still being easy to install with just basic tools—making it perfect for both professional and DIY projects alike!

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