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What is Button Head Screws? Dimensions, Properties and Uses

Button Head Screws

Screws are essential for fastening different wood, metal, and plastic materials. They come in various types and sizes, each serving a specific purpose. One such variety of screws is the button head screws, known for their unique design and properties. This guide will explore in-depth what button head screws are, their dimensions, properties, and uses.

What is Button Head Screws?

Button head screws, also known as pan head screws, are a type of fastener with a cylindrical top and countersunk bottom for attachment to materials like wood or metal. They are usually designed with an internal hex drive, which tightens the screw into the material it is being attached to. Button head screws provide high torque strength in applications that require tension-resisting properties. They come in various sizes ranging from #4-40 (0.11 inch) to 1/2-13 (0.50 inch).

Button Head Screws Dimensions

Button head screws come in different sizes and lengths, depending on the intended use. The most common sizes range from M3 to M10, with lengths starting from as little as 5mm to as long as 100mm. The head diameter of a button head screw ranges from 6mm to 24mm, with the standard size being 10mm. The thread type of these screws can be metric or imperial, depending on the screw manufacturer.

Button Head Screws Properties

Button head screws are known for their unique properties that suit different applications. They have a low-profile head with an excellent cosmetic finish and a broad bearing surface, making them ideal for use in applications where aesthetics are crucial. Additionally, their large holding power and high torque make them suitable for applications requiring high clamping force.

Button Head Screws Uses

Button head screws find use in various applications across different industries. The construction industry uses them to fasten decorative elements such as trims, moldings, and panels. They also find use in the automotive industry, where they are used to fasten interior and exterior panels. In the electronics industry, they are used to fasten circuit boards and other electronic components. Button head screws are also used in the furniture industry to fasten different parts.

Button Head Screws Advantages 

Button head screws offer several advantages over other types of screws. They are aesthetically pleasing, thanks to their low-profile head. They offer high holding power and can withstand high clamping forces, making them a reliable choice for demanding applications. Additionally, their deep drive socket and unique head design make them easy to use with various tools, including wrenches and screwdrivers.


In conclusion, button head screws are unique and versatile screws that offer many advantages over other types of screws. Their low-profile head, large bearing surface, high holding power, and broad range of applications make them an excellent choice for different industries. Therefore, whether you are working on a construction, automotive, or electronics project, button head screws are an excellent hardware choice that will offer reliable performance and an aesthetic finish.

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