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What is Conical Head Rivet? Properties, Uses and Application

Conical Head Rivet

You might have encountered the term conical head rivet if you’re in construction, manufacturing, or engineering. The conical head rivet is an essential fastener widely used in heavy-duty industries. A rivet with a conical head ensures reliable and secure fastening of two or more materials. This blog post will delve deeper into the properties, uses, and applications of conical head rivets.

What is Conical Head Rivet?

A conical head rivet is a type of fastener used in metal assemblies and structures to securely join two or more components. It has a rounded cone-shaped head with small chamfers along its edges, and it is driven into the materials to be joined using a hammer or an applicator tool. Its design prevents the rivet from becoming loose over time, making it ideal for use in structural applications where tight joints are essential.

Conical Head Rivet Properties:

The conical head rivet is made from premium quality metal resistant to heat, corrosion, and wear. They come in different materials, such as aluminium, copper, steel, etc. Their conical head ensures that they can be used to grip two or more materials firmly. The conical shape guarantees a secure hold, making it ideal for high-pressure environments.

Conical Head Rivet Uses:

Conical head rivets are widely used in many industries that require reliable and efficient fastening. They are used to construct ships, aircraft, automobiles, and bridges. They are also used in the manufacture of electrical equipment and appliances. Conical head rivets can be utilized in various applications, including structural enhancement, metal sheeting, and roofing.

Conical Head Rivet Applications:

In the construction industry, conical head rivets have a range of applications. They are used to install and repair bridges, ports, and airports. They are also used to construct buildings, highways, and railways. Conical head rivets are ideal for industrial applications, such as assembling machinery, tanks, and pipeworks.

How to Use Conical Head Rivet:

Using conical head rivets is simple. The first step is to choose the correct rivet size and drill the required hole diameter. Then, insert the rivet into the hole, and the tail must be driven down using a rivet gun. The tail will expand and push the material securely, forming an airtight, leak-proof, and weather-resistant seal.


Conical head rivets are an essential component in heavy-duty industries. They come with unique properties, making them an ideal choice for fastening materials requiring a secure hold. This blog post has explored conical head rivets’ properties, uses, and applications. We hope that this information has been helpful to you and provides you with the knowledge needed to utilize conical head rivets in your next project.

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