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What is Dock Washers? Properties, Uses and Application

Dock Washers

As a dock owner, you know that regular maintenance and upkeep are crucial to the functionality and safety of your dock. One component that you may need to become more familiar with is dock washers. These small but essential parts can significantly impact the stability and longevity of your dock. This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about dock washers, including their properties, uses, and applications.

What is Dock Washers?

Dock Washers are special machines used to clean the sides of a dock. These machines are designed to use high-pressure jets of water to power away dirt, grime, and other debris from otherwise hard-to-reach areas. They typically come equipped with adjustable nozzles for better cleaning control, making them perfect for all your dock maintenance needs!

Dock Washers Properties:

Dock washers, also known as fender washers, are typically made of stainless steel or brass. This design is due to their sturdy and durable properties, allowing them to withstand the harsh saltwater environment. Dock washers come in various sizes, including 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch, to accommodate different dock sizes. They have a flat surface with a larger diameter hole in the centre, making them perfect for evenly distributing weight.

Dock Washers Uses:

Dock washers have many uses and applications in the marine industry. Their primary function is to act as a barrier between the dock and the mooring hardware, such as bolts, nuts, and screws, to prevent them from damaging the dock. They also help distribute the pressure the hardware exerts evenly to minimize stress on the dock, making it less prone to damage or failure. Dock washers can also be used on attachment points of dock ladders, securing cleats, dock frames, and other dock hardware.

Dock Washers Application:

Dock washers are easy to install and can be applied in various ways. For example, place the washer between the hardware and the dock’s surface when securing the hardware to the dock. You can also use more than one washer if needed, depending on the hardware size and the dock surface’s thickness. When installing dock ladders, insert the ladder’s bolts through the appropriate washer size and then tighten the bolts until the washers lie flat against the ladder’s attachment components and the dock surface.

Benefits of Using Dock Washers:

Dock washers play an essential role in maintaining the safety and longevity of your dock. Distributing pressure evenly helps prevent damage to the dock’s surface, hardware, and attachment components. Additionally, using dock washers increases its stability, making it less prone to slipping or becoming unstable. This added stability makes walking on the dock safer, especially in rough water conditions. Proper installation of dock washers can also help prevent rust and corrosion, ultimately extending the life of your dock.


Dock washers may seem like small components, but they play a significant role in protecting and prolonging the life of your dock. Distributing weight evenly and preventing damage to the dock’s surface and hardware is essential for safety and functionality. Remember to choose the appropriate size and material for your dock and hardware needs. By properly installing dock washers, you can ensure your dock’s stability, durability, and safety for years to come.

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