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What is Equalizer Bolt?

Equalizer Bolt

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to make a strong connection, the Equalizer Bolt would be a great option. This special bolt is designed to provide the strength of a weld along with the convenience of a bolt. Let’s take a look at how this unique piece of equipment works and what it can do.

What is Equalizer Bolt?

An Equalizer Bolt is an innovative product that provides structural integrity to bolted joints. It has two components—the shank, which is like any other standard bolt, and the collar, which looks like a nut but functions as part of the bolt itself. The collar has two flanges that sink into slots in the joint material when tightened, creating a secure connection without welding or soldering. The equalizing action eliminates any gaps between parts and provides exceptional strength without relying on chemical adhesives or epoxy resins.

Equalizer Bolt Uses

Given its unique design, it’s no surprise that the Equalizer Bolt has many uses. It’s especially useful in automotive applications such as engine blocks and exhaust manifolds because it creates a strong bond between two pieces of metal without requiring any welding or soldering. It can also be used in construction projects to create connections between steel beams and columns where welding may not be possible due to access restrictions or safety concerns. Additionally, its use extends beyond metal joining; it can also connect plastic parts together quickly and easily.


The Equalizer Bolt is an incredibly versatile tool that offers significant benefits over traditional fastening methods such as welding or soldering. It eliminates gaps between parts while providing superior strength compared to conventional bolts or screws, making it ideal for applications ranging from automotive assembly to construction sites where access may be limited or hazardous conditions exist. When you need reliable connections quickly and easily, look no further than the Equalizer Bolt!

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