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What is Fish Tail Bolt?

Fish Tail Bolt

Fishtail bolts are a type of fastener that is used in many industries. These unique bolts have a remarkably specialized design, making them ideal for applications where other bolts may not be suitable. Let’s take a closer look at why fishtail bolts are so popular and what makes them stand out from the competition.

What is Fish Tail Bolt?

Fishtail bolts are designed with a downward-facing end, which helps to ensure that they can hold up under the most demanding conditions. This specialized design also reduces the chances of loosening, which is essential when you need a secure fit. Additionally, this bolt has no threads on its underside, allowing it to fit into tight spaces that would otherwise be inaccessible with traditional threaded bolts.

Fish Tail Bolt Uses

Fishtail bolts are incredibly versatile and can be used in many industries, including automotive manufacturing, medical equipment assembly, and aerospace engineering. They are often used in applications with limited space and high levels of vibration or stress on the part being bolted down. Additionally, they can provide a better grip than traditional threaded screws when dealing with materials such as plastic or rubber that tend to slip when using standard screws.

Because fishtail bolts offer such gripping solid power, they are also commonly used to secure components in industrial machinery and equipment that must remain stationary during operation. Their unique shape helps them maintain their grip even under extreme pressure or vibration, and they do not require additional tools or special hardware for installation – all you need is a wrench or ratchet!


Fishtail bolts have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and strength. Whether you’re looking for a fastener for a machine shop assembly line or an industrial piece of equipment that needs to stay put no matter what environment it’s exposed to, fishtail bolts offer an excellent solution. With their specialized design and solid gripping power, these fasteners provide reliable performance in any application – making them a perfect choice for any number of projects or repairs!

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