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What is Flange Bolt and Nut?

Flange Bolt and Nut

Flange bolts and nuts are special types of fasteners that provide a secure connection between two objects. They are instrumental in situations where the link needs to be strong, reliable, and easy to access or dismantle when necessary. In this guide, we’ll explore flange bolts and nuts, how they work, and what they can be used for.

What is Flange Bolt and Nut?

Flange bolts are screws with a built-in washer-like flange at the head of the bolt. This design eliminates the need for an additional washer when attaching two components; instead, the flanged head sits flush against the surface for a secure fit. The corresponding nut also features a flat bearing surface on one end that is designed to mate perfectly with the flanged head of the bolt. Together, these two components create a strong connection that can withstand even heavy loads.

Flange Bolt and Nut Uses

The most common use for flange bolts and nuts is in construction projects like decks, patios, fences, or other outdoor structures where strength is paramount. However, these fasteners can also be used in automotive applications such as exhaust systems or suspension components, industrial machines such as conveyors, or even around the home for tasks such as mounting shelves or securing furniture legs. Additionally, they can be used in any situation where regular bolts might be too weak or difficult to access due to their protruding heads.


Flange bolts and nuts are incredibly versatile fasteners that can be used in almost any situation where strength is paramount. Their unique design allows them to provide a strong connection while eliminating any need for additional washers or spacers—making them perfect for situations where space is limited or difficult to access. Whether constructing a deck or repairing an exhaust pipe on your car, flange bolts, and nuts should definitely be considered part of your project!

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