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What is Hanger Screw?

Hanger Screw

Have you ever taken a look at your walls and noticed small, protruding screws in the drywall? If so, then you’ve likely encountered hanger screws. But what exactly are hanger screws, and what do they do? In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at hanger screws and their uses.

What is Hanger Screw?

Hanger screws, also referred to as toggle bolts or butterfly anchors, are a special type of fastener that is used to mount heavier items onto a wall or ceiling without requiring access to the backside. They consist of two parts: a long metal screw with wings on one side and an adjustable spring-loaded nut that locks into place when the wings open up. This combination makes it easy to install items on hollow walls or ceilings without having to drill through both sides.

Hanger Screw Uses

Hanger screws are often used for hanging mirrors, picture frames, shelves, speaker brackets, smoke detectors and curtains rods onto walls or ceilings. The winged design allows them to spread out over a larger surface area than traditional wood or sheet metal screws, providing more support for heavier items. Additionally, because they don’t require access from behind the wall or ceiling, they can be used when there is limited space behind the mounting surface. This makes them perfect for apartments where drilling holes through both sides may not be allowed due to landlord restrictions.


Hanger screws provide an easy way to mount heavier items onto walls and ceilings without needing access from behind. They consist of two parts—a metal screw with wings and an adjustable nut—that work together to provide increased support for heavier items such as mirrors, picture frames and shelves. Because they don’t require drilling through both sides of the wall or ceiling, they’re perfect for apartments where landlords may restrict such activities. For anyone looking for an easy way to hang things in their home or apartment, hanger screws could be just what you need!

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