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Heavy Hex Structural Bolts – Properties, Dimensions and Uses

What is Heavy Hex Structural Bolts

When it comes to construction, structural bolts are an essential component. The Heavy Hex bolt is the go-to choice for optimal durability and strength for many projects. But what is a heavy hex structural bolt? Let’s examine what makes these bolts unique and why they are important for construction.

What Is Heavy Hex Bolt?

Heavy hex structural bolts are fasteners with a larger head than standard hex bolts. These larger heads allow greater torque to be applied with an appropriate wrench or socket. The heavier head also provides an additional bearing surface which helps distribute the clamping load more evenly over the joint members connected by the bolt.

The heavy hex bolt is made from medium carbon steel with a black oxide finish, making them extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. They have been tested under ASTM standards, which guarantee that they meet or exceed specific performance, safety, and quality control requirements. As such, they make perfect choices for any applications where long-term durability and reliability are needed – such as in construction projects!

Why Use Heavy Hex Structural Bolts?

Heavy hex structural bolts offer numerous advantages over other types of fasteners due to their superior design:

  • They support stronger joints between members because of their increased bearing surface area and higher torque capacity compared to regular hex bolts.
  • They can resist vibration better than other fasteners due to their thicker head design; this makes them ideal for use in applications where high loads and vibrations are expected (such as in bridges).
  • Since these fasteners have already been tested against ASTM standards, you can rest assured that your project will meet all safety requirements!
  • Heavy hex bolts are large bolts with hexagonal heads.
  • They are typically made from low-carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Heavy hex bolts are used in various construction, automotive, and industrial applications.
  • Heavy hex bolts are available in various sizes, ranging from 1/2 inch to 3 inches in diameter.
  • They can also be custom-made to meet the specific needs of an application.

Heavy Hex Structural Bolts Dimensions

Heavy Hex Structural Bolt Dimensions

Bolt Diameter D F C H T
Body Diameter Width Across Flats Width Across Corners Height Thread Length
Max Basic Max Min Max Min Basic Max Min Basic
12 0.515 78 0.875 0.850 1.010 0.969 516 0.323 0.302 1.00
58 0.642 1116 1.062 1.031 1.227 1.175 2564 0.403 0.378 1.25
34 0.768 114 1.250 1.212 1.443 1.383 1532 0.483 0.455 1.38
78 0.895 1716 1.438 1.394 1.660 1.589 3564 0.563 0.531 1.50
1 1.022 158 1.625 1.575 1.876 1.796 3964 0.627 0.591 1.75
118 1.149 11316 1.812 1.756 2.093 2.002 1116 0.718 0.658 2.00
114 1.277 2 2.00 1.938 2.309 2.209 2532 0.813 0.749 2.00
138 1.404 2316 2.188 2.119 2.526 2.416 2732 0.878 0.810 2.25
112 1.531 238 2.375 2.300 2.742 2.622 1516 0.974 0.902 2.25


Heavy hex structural bolts are essential for many construction projects due to their superior design and strength compared to other fasteners. These bolts offer higher torque capacity than regular hex bolts and can also resist vibration better, making them ideal for applications with high loads or vibrations. On top of all this, you can rest easy knowing that all heavy hex structural bolts have been tested against ASTM standards, so you know your project will meet all necessary safety requirements! So if you’re looking for a reliable bolt option, look no further than the Heavy Hex Structural Bolt!

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