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What is Keps-K Lock Nuts? Properties, Dimensions and Uses

What is Keeps-K Lock Nuts

Keeps-K lock nuts are a crucial component of any mechanical system. They secure bolts and other fasteners to prevent them from loosening due to vibrations or other external forces. In this blog, we’ll look at the different types of lock nuts and the many benefits they offer.

Types of Lock Nut

The most common type of lock nut is the hex nut which has six sides and is tightened using a wrench. This type of nut is often used in machinery and automobiles. Another popular type of lock nut is the nylock, which has an internal nylon insert that creates friction when tightened. This helps to keep the bolt from vibrating loose over time. Finally, there are jam nuts; two standard hex nuts tightened against each other to provide a better grip on the bolt or fastener.

Keps-K Lock Nut

Keps-K lock nuts are specifically designed for higher vibration applications where standard hex nuts may not be sufficient to hold a bolt in place. These nuts feature a special thread design that increases their gripping power, which helps to ensure that the bolt remains secure even in high-vibration situations. Additionally, these lock nuts have been tested and proven to increase torque capabilities by up to 25%.

Benefits of Keps-K Lock Nuts

The main benefit of using Keeps-K lock nuts is their increased gripping power compared to standard hex nuts. This ensures that all bolts remain securely attached, even during periods of intense vibration or heavy usage. Additionally, these lock nuts can help reduce maintenance costs and downtime by eliminating the need for frequent re-tightening or replacement bolts due to loosening over time. Lastly, they can also help improve safety by ensuring that all bolts remain securely fastened.

Keps-K Lock Nut Uses

Keps-K Lock Nuts are a great resource for any do-it-yourselfer, no matter their level of expertise. They can save time and money when attempting to complete projects and are significantly more secure than traditional nuts. Their design features multiple components that work together to prevent the nut from coming undone. This is especially handy in projects requiring nuts and screws that must withstand frequent shaking or vibration. They are also helpful for outdoor applications, as standardized manufacturing makes them resistant to corroding elements like water, humidity and even temperature changes. Furthermore, for specialized applications like plumbing or trucked assembly lines, Keeps-K Lock Nuts offer the convenience of adding an extra layer of locking power with just a few simple tools. All in all, this versatile fastener is a must-have addition to every tool kit!

Keps-K Lock Nut Properties

  • Keps-K Lock Nuts are all-metal lock nuts that resist loosening from shock and vibration.
  • They are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes to meet the needs of various applications.
  • Keeps-K Lock Nuts are made from high-strength steel for durability and long-lasting performance.
  • They are easy to install and remove and can be reused multiple times.
  • Keeps-K Lock Nuts are ideal for use in applications where security is a concern, such as automotive and aerospace applications.

Keps-K Lock Nuts Dimensions

Keps-K Lock Nuts Dimensions

Nominal or Basic Major Diameter of Thread Width Across Flats (F) Width Across Corners (G) Thickness of Hex Jam Nuts (H)      Washer Diameter (I)
Basic Max Min  Max  Min  Max Min  Max Min
4 0.1120 1/4 0.250 0.241 0.289 0.275 0.098 0.087 0.286 0.277
5 0.1250 5/16 0.312 0.302 0.361 0.344 0.114 0.102 0.348 0.338
6 0.1380 5/16 0.312 0.302 0.361 0.344 0.114 0.102 0.348 0.338
6 SP 0.1380 1/4 0.250 0.241 0.289 0.275 0.098 0.087 0.287 0.277
8 0.1640 11/32 0.344 0.332 0.397 0.378 0.130 0.117 0.381 0.370
8 SP 0.1640 5/16 0.312 0.302 0.361 0.344 0.114 0.102 0.348 0.338
10 0.1900 3/8 0.375 0.362 0.433 0.413 0.130 0.117 0.406 0.395
12 0.2160 7/16 0.438 0.423 0.505 0.482 0.161 0.148 0.506 0.494
1/4 0.2500 7/16 0.438 0.423 0.505 0.482 0.193 0.178 0.506 0.494
5/16 0.3125 1/2 0.500 0.489 0.577 0.557 0.273 0.258 0.592 0.579
3/8 0.3750 9/16 0.562 0.551 0.650 0.628 0.385 0.365 0.665 0.651
1/2 0.5000 3/4 0.750 0.736 0.866 0.840 0.437 0.425 0.898 0.878


Keeps-K lock nuts offer many benefits for those who require higher levels of securement than what can be achieved with standard hex nuts alone. These include increased torque capabilities, reduced maintenance costs and downtime, and improved safety standards thanks to their superior gripping power compared to regular hex nuts. If you’re looking for reliable fastening solutions for your mechanical systems, then Keeps-K locknuts should be considered!

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