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What is Lock Bolt? Uses and Types

Lock Bolt

Lock bolts are an incredibly useful fastener that can be used in various applications. They are popularly used in the construction industry, both to hold together building materials, as well as to secure things like hinges and locks. This blog post will look at lock bolts, their various uses, and the types of lock bolts available.

What is Lock Bolt?

Lock bolts are threaded rods with a locking mechanism at one end. This locking mechanism prevents the bolt from loosening over time due to vibrations or other movement, meaning that it stays securely in place without requiring frequent adjustments or maintenance. The bolt is made from strong or stainless steel and heat-treated for added strength and durability.

Lock Bolts Uses

Lock bolts can be used in many applications, including automotive parts, furniture assembly, window frames, door frames, wall cladding systems, and more. They can also be used in medical equipment or tools where strong vibration might cause the fasteners to loosen over time. Lock bolts can be used for structural reinforcement and even for decorative purposes – their unique design makes them aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Lock Bolt Types

The type of lock bolt you choose will depend on your specific needs and application requirements. Common types include pin-in-head (where the head has been drilled and tapped), wing-nut (with wings on each side for easy removal), self-locking (which uses two serrated pieces that interlock when tightened), breakaway (which break apart when tightened too hard), toggle (which helps evenly distribute stress across the joint) and many more!   It’s essential to select the correct type of lock bolt for your particular application; if it’s not suitable, it could lead to failure down the line.


No matter what type of project you’re working on – whether it’s construction work or something else – you should strongly consider using lock bolts as they offer superior strength compared to traditional fasteners while also being easy to install and remove when necessary. Their unique design features, like serrated pieces or wings for easy removal, make any job easier while ensuring that your hardware stays securely tightened. Ultimately, using lock bolts will help ensure your projects remain safe and secure no matter how much use or wear they experience over time!

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