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What is Long Bolt and Nut? Uses and Types

Long Bolt and Nut

Long bolts and nuts are your best bet if you’re looking for a practical, reliable way to secure two or more objects together. This type of hardware is incredibly versatile and can be used in various situations, from construction projects to automotive repairs. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at long bolts and nuts, including what they are, their uses, and the different available types.

What are Long Bolt and Nut?

Long bolts and nuts are metal fasteners that enable two or more objects to be securely held together. The bolt is a threaded rod with a head on one end that can be turned with a wrench or other tool to secure the nut onto it. The nut has an internal thread that matches the line of the bolt so it can fasten together tightly.

Long Bolt and Nut Uses

Long bolts and nuts have many practical uses in everyday life and industry settings. They can be used in furniture assembly, construction projects, automotive repairs, industrial machinery maintenance, plumbing repairs—the list goes on! Their versatility makes them one of the most common types of hardware available today.

Long Bolt and Nut Types

  • Several types of long bolts and nuts are available for any given application. For example, hex head bolts have a six-sided head that allows for greater torque when securing the nut onto it; hex flange bolts have an extra washer-like flange near the head of the bolt which distributes pressure more evenly;
  • Carriage bolts have a smooth round head with no drive slot, so they cannot be easily removed once secured; lag screws are larger versions of wood screws that provide greater holding power;
  • Socket cap screws feature an internal socket drive which allows for higher torque during installation; machine screws feature external threads designed for use with machine-threaded nuts on machines such as electric motors;
  • Button head screws have rounded heads with no drive slot, making them ideal for aesthetic applications where tampering needs to be prevented, etc.


No matter what your project entails, there’s likely a long bolt and nut combination that will do the job perfectly. This simple but powerful hardware comes in many shapes and sizes depending on their application—from hex head bolts for construction to socket cap screws for electric motors—so choosing the right type for your specific project is essential. Whether you need something basic like hex flange bolts or something more complex like button head screws, you can find exactly what you need at any local hardware store or online retailer specializing in fasteners!

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