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What is Metal Screw?

Metal Screw

Metal screws are an indispensable part of the modern world. They are used in countless devices, from furniture to home appliances and electronics. But what is a metal screw? What are its components, and how can we use them? Let’s look at the world of metal screws and their uses.

What is Metal Screw?

A metal screw is a fastener that consists of two components, the head, and the shank. The head is the part that sticks out above the surface when screwed in place, while the shank is the straight section that holds everything together. The most common type of metal screw is made from steel or stainless steel. However, other materials such as brass, aluminum, titanium, and even plastic may be used depending on the application.

Metal screws are also classified by their thread size and shape. Threads come in various sizes ranging from tiny #0 to large #14 (or larger). The threads may be either straight or helical (also known as “coarse” or “fine”). Coarse-threaded screws are typically used for general-purpose applications, while fine-threaded screws offer increased holding power due to their smaller diameter.

Metal Screw Uses

Metal screws are used for various applications, including furniture construction, electrical wiring, automotive parts assembly, home appliances assembly, electronics assembly, and much more. In addition to providing strength and durability to any project they’re used in, metal screws also provide vibration resistance due to their ability to absorb vibrational energy by flexing their threads when tightened down against another object. This makes them ideal for automotive engines where vibration resistance is critical.


Metal screws are an integral part of our everyday lives. From furniture construction to automotive engines to electronics assembly—metal screws provide strength, durability, and vibration resistance, making them indispensable for many applications. Next time you find yourself working on a project that requires fastening something together—reach for a metal screw! You won’t regret it!

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