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What is Metric Bolt and Nut?

Metric Bolt and Nut

Fasteners like bolts and nuts are essential components in many engineering and construction projects. They have been used for centuries to join two pieces of metal together or to attach something to a surface. In recent years, metric bolts and nuts have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and versatility. So what exactly are metric bolts and nuts? Let’s take a look!

What are Metric Bolts and Nut?

Metric bolts and nuts are fasteners that use the metric system, rather than the imperial system, for measurements. A metric bolt is defined as having a nominal length of over 12mm; anything shorter is considered an imperial bolt. The size of a metric bolt is based on its diameter (in millimeters) and its length (in millimeters). When measuring the size of a nut, it’s important to note that the size refers to the width across its flat surfaces, not its thickness.

Metric Bolts and Nut Uses

Metric bolts and nuts can be used in almost any engineering or construction project. They’re ideal for applications where precise measurements are needed, such as automotive repair, plumbing works, furniture assembly, etc. Additionally, they can also be used when you need extra strength or corrosion resistance, such as in marine applications or outdoor structures where exposure to water or weather elements could be an issue. As a result, they’re often used in industrial settings as well as residential applications.

One major advantage of using metric fasteners over imperial ones is that they can be easily replaced without having to replace other components in the same application because they use standard measurements. This makes them much more convenient than traditional imperial fasteners, which require exact replacements if removed from an application.


Metric bolts and nuts provide an efficient way for engineers and contractors alike to quickly assemble parts with precision measurements that don’t vary between pieces—allowing for easy replacement if necessary. Whether you’re working on a plumbing project or building furniture from scratch, these fasteners offer strength and corrosion resistance while still providing the accuracy required by most applications today. So next time you need fasteners for your project, make sure you consider choosing metric bolts and nuts!

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