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What is Rag Bolt?

Rag Bolt

A rag bolt is a type of fastener used for connecting two pieces of metal or wood. It has a square head with an external thread that is driven into the material it is being attached to, making it an ideal choice for applications like furniture assembly and construction projects. In this guide, we’ll discuss what rag bolts are and their various uses so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to choose the right fastener for the job.

What is Rag Bolt?

A rag bolt is a type of fastener that consists of four parts: a square head, a threaded shank, and two washers. The threaded shank has coarse threads designed for use with hard materials such as steel or wood. The square head prevents the bolt from turning in place once it’s been tightened down. This makes them perfect for applications where vibration or movement may cause screws to loosen over time. The two washers provide additional grip and prevent the bolt from damaging surfaces as it’s tightened down.

Rag Bolt Uses

Rag bolts are most commonly used in furniture assembly and other construction projects where there’s no need for precision alignment between components. They’re also great for attaching heavy-duty items such as cabinets, countertops, shelving units, and more. Additionally, they’re well suited for outdoor applications due to their ability to resist corrosion caused by exposure to moisture and other elements. Finally, they can be used in automotive settings when access to nuts or locking mechanisms isn’t available.


Overall, rag bolts are a great choice when you need an inexpensive yet reliable fastener that won’t come loose over time due to vibration or movement. Their simple design makes them easy to install and use in a variety of applications ranging from furniture assembly to automotive repair jobs. With their ability to resist corrosion and their wide range of compatible materials, rag bolts are sure to become your go-to fastener of choice!

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