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What is Shoulder Screw? Types and Uses

Shoulder Screw

Shoulder screws, or shoulder bolts, are fasteners with an unthreaded cylindrical section in the middle. They can be used for a variety of applications due to their versatile design and strength. Read on to learn more about the types of shoulder screws and how they are used.

What is Shoulder Screw?

A shoulder screw is a type of fastener used in industrial applications for its strength, flexibility, and adaptability. It consists of a threaded body with a cylindrical shoulder head that has a defined length. The width and diameter of the shoulder ensure it provides maximum grip for tight fitment when used with other industrial components or hardware. Shoulder screws are often used as universal spherical joints to connect two parts and permit movement, which has many uses in construction and manufacturing, including linking rods or pipes together, allowing them to pivot or rotate. The shoulder’s reduced diameter makes it an ideal choice for rotary applications where low height and wide movements are needed. With its vast range of benefits, such as corrosion resistance plus the ability to be heat treated to increase strength, shoulder screws have become an irreplaceable tool in the engineering industry.

Shoulder Screw Types

Shoulder screws come in three main styles: socket head, slotted head, and hex head. Socket head shoulder screws are available in both metric and imperial measurements, while slotted and hex head shoulder screws come in imperial sizes only. The type of screw you choose will depend on your application requirements.

Shoulder Screw Uses

Shoulder screws can be used in a wide range of applications thanks to their versatility. They are typically used as pivot points in assemblies where rotation is needed, and bushings need to be securely held in place. In addition, they can be used as support pins or shafts for levers, rollers, and other components that require frequent movement or rotation. They also provide a secure means of attaching electrical components such as switches, motors, relays, or sensors to a circuit board or panel mount by acting as mounting studs. Furthermore, shoulder screws can also be used to securely hold two parts together without having them rotate freely relative to one another.


Shoulder screws offer many benefits due to their unique design that allows them to fit into tight spaces with ease while offering superior strength at the same time. Whether you need them for electrical components, levers and rollers, or just general assembly purposes, shoulder screws are sure to get the job done! With all these benefits, it’s no surprise why they have become so popular over the years! If you’re looking for an efficient way to secure two parts together without having them rotate freely, then look no further than shoulder screws!

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