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What is Sleeve Nut?

Sleeve Nut

In the world of fasteners, sleeve nuts are an essential component for many projects. But what is a sleeve nut? This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about this useful fastener, including its purpose and uses.

What is Sleeve Nut?

A sleeve nut is a type of fastener that has internal threading and is used primarily in furniture making. It’s also known as an insert nut or threaded insert nut because it can be inserted into pre-drilled holes for a secure fit. The most common types of sleeve nuts are made from steel, aluminium, brass, and plastic. They come in various sizes, shapes, and thread counts, so they can be used for different purposes.

Sleeve Nut Uses

Sleeve nuts are versatile fasteners that have many uses in both industrial and home settings. Here are some of the most common uses for sleeve nuts:

Furniture Assembly

Sleeve nuts are commonly used in furniture assembly because they can be inserted into pre-drilled holes for a secure fit without damaging the material underneath. They act as reinforcement against the weight or pressure placed on the furniture piece.


Sleeve nuts are also useful in woodworking projects to add strength to joints or other attachments that may experience heavy loads or wear over time. For example, they can be used to attach lids or doors securely to boxes without having to use drilling screws directly into the wood itself.

Electrical Work

When working with electrical wiring, sleeve nuts can provide insulation between two connected components and reduce shock hazards when exposed wires touch each other accidentally. They also help reduce vibrations from electric motors or devices that run at high speeds by providing extra support to wires connected together inside conduit pipes or similar structures.


As you can see, sleeve nuts are incredibly versatile fasteners with multiple uses in industrial and home settings alike. From furniture assembly to woodworking projects to electrical work and more, these specialized fasteners offer unique advantages over traditional screws or bolts that make them invaluable tools for any project requiring precision and durability. No matter the application, if you need a reliable fastener solution, then look no further than the trusty sleeve nut!

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