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What is Square Hole Washer?

Square Hole Washer

A square-hole washer is a specialized type of fastener used in a variety of applications. This type of washer can be used to attach metal components, wood, plastic, and other materials together. They have several advantages over traditional round-hole washers and are widely used in the construction and manufacturing industries. This blog post will look at what a square hole washer is, how it works, and some of its uses.

What is Square Hole Washer?

A square hole washer is a unique type of fastener that features four flat sides and one large-diameter inner hole with four smaller holes cut into the side walls. The larger hole allows for the insertion of bolts or screws, while the smaller holes provide extra grip on the material being attached. This design makes them suitable for use in tight spaces and high-stress applications where traditional round-hole washers may not be able to provide enough support.

Square Hole Washer Uses

Square hole washers are most commonly used in engineering and manufacturing applications where strength is paramount. They are ideal for joining two pieces of metal together as they provide more surface area for gripping than round-hole washers. Additionally, they can be used to join wood, plastic, or any other material that requires an extra grip to ensure stability during use.

Square hole washers can also be used in automotive applications such as exhaust systems or engine mounts, where they provide superior support due to their increased surface area contact with the attachment surface. Finally, their unique shape allows them to fit neatly into tight spaces like corners or between two pieces of material without compromising strength or stability.


In conclusion, square-hole washers are an invaluable tool for engineers and manufacturers who need strong fasteners capable of providing superior support in tight spaces. Their unique design provides more surface area contact than traditional round-hole washers without sacrificing strength or stability under load conditions. Whether you’re attaching metal components together or mounting an exhaust system on your car – square-hole washers will get the job done! So next time you’re looking for a reliable fastener solution – consider using a square-hole washer!

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