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What is Structural Heavy Hex? Uses, Dimensions and Properties

What is Structural Heavy Hex

Structural heavy hex bolts are one of the most important components of any steel or metal structure. These bolts are used to join two pieces of metal together in order to make a sturdy, reliable structure that can stand up to the elements and daily wear and tear. But what exactly are structural heavy hex bolts? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the basics of these essential building blocks.

What Is Structural Heavy Hex Bolts?

Structural heavy hex bolts are large-diameter bolts with a head that is larger than normal hex head bolts. The larger head prevents the bolt from slipping out when it is under load, making it ideal for structural applications. They are also known as structural hex cap screws or heavy structural hex screws.

These bolts come in many different sizes and strengths to fit your application needs. They have high tensile strength and shear resistance, making them perfect for joining two pieces of metal together securely. The size of the bolt depends on the diameter of the hole being drilled, as well as its length and thread pitch.

Benefits of Structural Heavy Hex Bolts

Using structural heavy hex bolts has several advantages over other fastening methods, such as welding or riveting. For one thing, they are easy to install since they don’t require specialized tools or equipment as welding does. Additionally, they can be tightened more easily than other types of fasteners, allowing for precise tensioning when needed. This makes them incredibly versatile and reliable for many different applications across industries such as construction, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, energy production and more.

Structural Heavy Hex Uses

Structural heavy hex bolts are versatile components of a project’s construction. These bolts can be used to connect many types of materials together, including steel and wood. The bolts’ impressive strength makes them suitable for large applications where the load needs to be reliably supported. Additionally, they come with several important features that make them extremely useful: high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and vibration resistance. This makes structural heavy hex bolts a must-have in areas like industrial bridges, musical stages, railings, and even highways and roadways. Their ability to provide reliable support for different applications makes them essential components when building any large-scale structure.

Structural Heavy Hex Properties

  1. A structural heavy hex nut has a larger and thicker body than a standard (or finished) hex nut.
  2. The thickness of the nut’s body is approximately equal to the width of the wrenching flats.
  3. The heavy hex nut is specified for use with bolts of a specific diameter and thread pitch.
  4. Structural heavy hex nuts are available in both inch and metric sizes.
  5. The material used for structural heavy hex nuts is typically carbon steel, although they are also available in stainless steel and other materials.

Structural heavy hex bolts Dimensions

Structural Heavy Hex Dimension

SIZE Width
Across Flats
Across Corners
Basic Max Min Max Min
1/2 7/8 0.875 0.850 1.010 0.969
5/8 1.1/16 1.062 1.031 1.227 1.175
3/4 1.1/4 1.250 1.212 1.443 1.382
7/8 1.7/16 1.438 1.394 1.660 1.589
1 1.5/8 1.625 1.575 1.876 1.796
1.1/8 1.13/16 1.812 1.756 2.093 2.002
1.1/4 2 2.000 1.938 2.309 2.209
1.3/8 2.3/16 2.188 2.119 2.526 2.416
1.1/2 2.3/8 2.375 2.300 2.742 2.622
1.5/8 2.9/16 2.562 2.481 2.959 2.828
1.3/4 2.3/4 2.750 2.662 3.175 3.035
1.7/8 2.15/16 2.938 2.844 3.392 3.242
2 3.1/8 3.125 3.025 3.608 3.449
2.1/4 3.1/2 3.500 3.388 4.041 3.862
2.1/2 3.7/8 3.875 3.750 4.474 4.275
2.3/4 4.250 4.112 4.907 4.688
3 4.5/8 4.625 4.475 5.340 5.102
3.1/4 5 5.000 4.838 5.774 5.515
3.1/2 5.3/8 5.375 5.200 6.207 5.928
3.3/4 5.3/4 5.750 5.562 6.640 6.341
4 6.1/8 6.125 5.925 7.073 6.755


Structural heavy hex bolts are an essential component in any steel or metal structure due to their reliability and versatility. They offer an easy installation process without needing specialized tools or equipment like welding does and can be tightened with precision in order to ensure a secure connection between two pieces of metal. Whether you need them for industrial use or just household projects around the home, structural heavy hex bolts offer a durable solution that will keep your structures safe and secure no matter what environment they’re in!

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