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What is Tab Lock Washer? Dimensions, Properties and Uses

Tab Lock Washer

If you’re in need of a secure and reliable way to keep your fasteners in place, a tab lock washer might be the solution you’re looking for. Tab lock washers are a type of washer often used in applications requiring a strong and firm connection between the nut and bolt. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what tab lock washers are, their dimensions and properties, and how they are used.

What is Tab Lock Washers?

Tab lock washers are a type of washer that feature small tabs or prongs that protrude from the washer’s inner diameter. These tabs are designed to hold the nut or bolt in place and prevent it from rotating or coming loose. Tab lock washers are available in various sizes and materials, including steel, stainless steel, and brass.

Tab Lock Washers Dimensions

d1 for d2 s l r b
4.3 M 4 14 0.38 14 2.5 5
5.3 M 5 17 0.50 16 2.5 6
6.4 M 6 19 0.50 1820 4.0 7
8.4 M 8 22 0.75 20 4.0 8
10.5 M 10 26 0.75 22 6.0 10
13.0 M 12 30 1.00 28 10.0 12
15.0 M 14 33 1.00 28 10.0 12
17.0 M 16 36 1.00 3236 10.0 15
19.0 M 18 40 1.00 36 10.0 18
21.0 M 20 42 1.00 36 10.0 18
23.0 M 22 50 1.00 42 10.0 20
25.0 M 24 50 1.00 42 10.0 20
28.0 M 27 58 1.60 48 16.0 23
31.0 M 30 63 1.60 52 16.0 26
34.0 M 33 68 1.60 56 16.0 28
37.0 M 36 75 1.60 60 16.0 30

Tab Lock Washers Properties 

Tab lock washers are a type of speciality fastener designed to be used in high-vibration applications. These flat, disk-shaped washers have two or more tabs protruding from one side. When the screws or bolts are tightened, these tabs dig into the material beneath, creating a secure and stable connection. Tab lock washers can ultimately increase the tensile strength of any connection by as much as 50%. They are commonly used in automotive parts such as brakes and exhaust systems, radiators, engine components, etc.

Tab Lock Washers Uses

Tab lock washers are commonly used in applications that require a strong and secure connection, such as the automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries. They are also used in high-pressure or vibration applications, such as pumps, compressors, and turbines. Tab lock washers are often used with other types, such as flat and spring washers, to provide additional stability and security.

Benefits of Using Tab Lock Washers

Tab lock washers have several benefits, including increased safety, improved reliability, and reduced maintenance costs. Tab lock washers can help prevent accidents and injuries by ensuring fasteners stay securely in place, which is especially important in applications involving heavy machinery. They can also reduce the need for frequent maintenance and repairs, saving time and money.

How to Install Tab Lock Washers

Installing tab lock washers is a relatively simple process. First, ensure the washer is the correct size for your bolt or nut. Then, slide the washer onto the bolt or nut so that the tabs face the surface you want to secure. Tighten the bolt or nut as usual, and the tabs will lock into place, preventing the fastener from rotating or coming loose.


In summary, tab lock washers are reliable and sturdy for keeping fasteners in place. They come in various sizes and materials, can be used in various applications, and offer numerous benefits. If you’re in need of a secure and stable way to hold your fasteners in place, consider using tab lock washers.

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