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What is Toggle Bolt?

Toggle Bolt

Are you looking for a secure, reliable way to attach heavy objects to hollow walls? Toggle bolts may be the answer. Although they have been around for years, toggle bolts remain one of the best ways to securely attach items such as shelves or cabinets to drywall. Let’s take a closer look at what toggle bolts are and how they work.

What is Toggle Bolt?

A toggle bolt is a fastening device that utilizes two metal wings that open up when the bolt is inserted into a wall. This allows the wings to act as anchors in order to provide extra support when attaching heavier items to walls. The wings also counterbalance so that the weight of the attached object does not cause the bolt to slip out from its hole. This makes them much more secure than regular screws or nails.

Toggle Bolt Uses

Toggle bolts are ideal for use in hollow walls such as drywall, plasterboard, and masonry blocks. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, making them extremely versatile. You can use them to attach curtain rods, light fixtures, fans, shelving units, mirrors, and other decorative items. If you need extra security for your item, then these might be just what you need!

Because of their strength and versatility, toggle bolts are an excellent choice for both professional contractors and DIYers alike who want an easy yet secure way to attach objects to hollow walls. They come in a variety of sizes and lengths, so you should be able to find one that fits your needs perfectly!


Toggle bolts are essential for anyone looking to securely attach heavy objects onto hollow walls without compromising quality or safety. They provide extra support while still allowing you to easily remove or adjust items without having to unscrew or drill new holes in your wall. With their versatility and strength, toggle bolts are definitely worth considering when it comes time for your next project! Whether you’re a professional contractor or simply trying out some DIY projects around the house, toggle bolts should be part of your toolkit!


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