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What is Wing Bolt? Uses and Dimensions

Wing Bolt

Have you ever seen a bolt with wings on either side? If so, then you’ve already seen a wing bolt. A wing bolt is an important fastener in many industries and applications, from furniture assembly to automotive repair. It is one of the most versatile bolts available on the market, but many people don’t know much about it. Let’s look at wing bolts and how they can be used.

What is Wing Bolt?

A wing bolt is similar to screws and other standard bolts, except it features two protruding wings at either end of its head. These wings are designed to help with alignment and provide leverage during assembly or disassembly. The wings also make it easy for someone to manually tighten or loosen the bolt without needing tools like wrenches or screwdrivers. This makes them ideal for quick repairs or simple installations that don’t require heavy-duty fastening capabilities.

Wing Bolt Uses

Wing bolts are incredibly versatile, which means they can be used in almost any application where manual tightening and loosening are necessary. They can be used in practically all types of furniture, including chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, and more. They are also commonly found in automotive repair settings, where mechanics must quickly remove certain parts before replacing them with new ones. Additionally, they can be used on boats and other leisure vehicles like camping trailers or recreational vehicles (RVs).

Wing Bolt Dimension

Wing Bolt Dimension

d j max j min h max h min g min m max m min
M4 21 19 11 9 1.1 4.6 3.2
M5 26.5 24.5 13 11 1.5 6 4
M6 32 29 16 14 1.5 7 5
M8 38 35 19 17 2 8.5 6.5
M10 50 47 24 22 3.6 10 8
M12 66 63 32 29 4.1 13 10


In conclusion, wing bolts are an incredibly useful fastener that can be used in various applications across multiple industries. They feature two wings that make it easy to manually tighten or loosen the bolt without using special tools; this makes them perfect for quick repairs or simple installations where time is of the essence. If you’re looking for an efficient way to secure something quickly and easily, consider using a wing bolt!

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