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What is Series B Flange? Uses, Dimension and Properties

Series B Flanges

Series B flanges are a type of pipe connector commonly used in the oil and gas industry. They’re tough and durable, perfect for joining pipes in situations where there’s a lot of pressure. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how Series B flanges are used, what makes them strong, and the specific welding techniques needed for them.

What is Series B Flange?

Series B flange is a type of high-pressure flange used for pipe work in extreme environments. Often referred to as “reverse-angle” or “spacer” flanges, Series B allows the piping to be safely connected without the need for a gasket due to its angled sealing face. It is commonly used in oil and gas projects, cryogenic applications, and other industries requiring highly reliable connections in hazardous or extreme conditions. With its unmatched durability and leak-proof capabilities, the Series B flange provides peace of mind that no matter what environment a business may encounter its operations will never be disrupted.

Series B Flanges Uses

Series B flanges are primarily used in the oil and gas industry for connecting pipes. They can also attach valves or other equipment to a pipeline. Their strength makes them ideal for high-pressure applications, such as transporting natural gas or crude oil. Additionally, they can be used in applications involving chemical processing or water treatment.

Series B Flanges Properties

Series B flanges have several unique properties that make them well-suited for use in the oil and gas industry:

  • They’re incredibly strong due to their construction; they’re made from forged steel which is highly resistant to corrosion and wear.
  • Their design allows for easy installation and removal when necessary.
  • Their pressure ratings render them suitable for the most demanding applications; certain Series B flanges are available in pressure classes ranging from 75 to 900.

Flange Thickness

The thickness of Series B flanges varies based on factors like size and pressure rating, typically specified in standards such as ASME B16.5 or EN 1092-1, ranging from 0.84 inches for smaller sizes to 2.38 inches for larger sizes.

Flange diameter

Series B flanges, following ASME B16.5 standards, have diameters that vary based on nominal pipe size (NPS), typically ranging from 1/2 inch to 24 inches.

Flange bolt circle

The bolt circle diameter for a Series B flange follows industry standards like ASME B16.5 and may vary depending on the flange’s size and pressure rating.

Flange bolt holes

Series B flange bolt holes follow ANSI B16.5 standards, with sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 24 inches and patterns determined by pipe size, pressure class, and flange facing type.

Flange material

Series B flanges are typically made of cast iron, although other materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloys may also be used.

Welding Techniques for Series B Flanges

When working with Series B flanges, it’s important to use the correct welding technique; if done incorrectly, it could result in poor welds or even damage to the welded material. Generally speaking, TIG welding is recommended for its high accuracy and versatility; it can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Additionally, it produces clean welds with minimal discolouration – perfect for projects involving aesthetics and function! It is also important to use quality filler material when welding your series b flange – this will ensure a strong, durable connection that will last!

Series B Flange Dimension

Series B Flange Dimension

26 661.9 785 41.4 44.6 88.6 684
28 712.7 835 44.6 47.8 95.6 735
30 763.5 885 44.6 50.9 99.6 787
32 814.3 940 46.2 54.1 107.6 840
34 865.1 1005 49.3 57.3 110.6 892
36 915.9 1055 52.5 58.9 117.6 945
38 968.2 1125 54.1 63.6 123.6 997
40 1019 1175 55.7 66.8 128.6 1049
42 1069.8 1225 58.9 68.4 133.6 1102
44 1120.6 1275 60.5 71.6 136.6 1153
46 1171.4 1340 62 74.7 144.6 1205
48 1222.2 1390 65.2 77.9 149.6 1257
50 1273 1445 68.4 81.1 153.6 1308
52 1323.8 1495 70 84.3 157.6 1360
54 1374.6 1550 71.6 87.4 161.6 1413
56 1425.4 1600 73.2 90.6 166.6 1465
58 1476.2 1675 74.7 93.5 174.6 1516
60 1527 1725 76.3 97 179.6 1570


Series B flanges are essential in many industries today – especially those related to the oil & gas industry where high pressures are required. By understanding their uses, properties & welding techniques, you can ensure you get the maximum performance out of these versatile components! Not only do they provide a secure connection point between pipes, but they also offer superior durability & strength, which makes them ideal for tough applications! So, if your business requires reliable connections, don’t hesitate to invest in some quality series b flange components today!

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