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What is Vanstone Flange? Uses, Types and Dimensions

Vanstone Flange

A Vanstone flange is a type of pipe connection used in areas where welding is not isn’t possible. It’s an excellent option for joining pipes, as it requires no welding and can handle larger pressures than other pipe connections. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different uses of Vanstone flanges, the available types, and how to weld one if needed.

What is Vanstone Flange?

A Vanstone flange is a pipe connector used when welding is impractical or undesirable. It features a circular ring with a flat, widened surface that attaches to the pipe, facilitating a secure connection without welding. This design allows for easy installation and removal, making it suitable for various applications where welding may pose challenges or risks. Vanstone flanges are valued for their versatility and ability to maintain pressure integrity in piping systems.

Vanstone Flange Uses

Vanstone flanges are widely utilized in plumbing due to their straightforward connection process and the absence of welding requirements. They are particularly favored for larger pipes as they boast superior pressure-handling capabilities compared to alternative connection methods. Additionally, they serve as convenient solutions when joining pipes of different diameters or thicknesses, enhancing their versatility in various plumbing applications.

Vanstone Flange Welding

Welding a Vanstone flange requires specialized tools and knowledge due to its intricate design. It is recommended that only experienced welders attempt to weld one, as mistakes can cause serious injury or even death due to the high pressure involved in the process. If done correctly, however, welding a Vanstone flange will provide a secure and reliable connection between two pieces of pipe.

Vanstone Flanges Types

Several different types of Vanstone flanges are available on the market today, including threaded, slip-on, butt-welded, lap joint, and socket-welded varieties. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages depending on your application needs, so it’s essential to do research before selecting the right one for your project.

Vanstone Flanges Dimension

Vanstone Flanges Dimension

Part # Size D1 D2 D3 d d1 d2 H T I n-Øe
PVCF08 2” 5.99 4.77 2.99 2.01 2.37 2.39 1.69 0.19 1.50 4-19
PVCF10 3” 7.56 5.99 4.26 3.03 3.49 3.52 2.13 1.02 1.88 4-19
PVCF11 4” 9.02 7.53 5.24 4.02 4.49 4.52 2.52 1.10 2.25 8-19
PVCF13 6” 11.19 9.50 7.53 6.15 6.62 6.66 3.35 1.26 3.00 8-22
PVCF14 8” 13.51 11.74 9.38 8.04 8.62 8.67 4.65 1.42 4.02 8-22
PVCF15 10” 16.00 14.26 12.21 10.09 10.75 10.80 5.91 1.65 4.85 12-24


Vanstone flanges are an excellent option for securing two pieces of pipe together without performing any welding or special fabrication work. While several different types are available on the market today with their unique advantages and disadvantages, all can provide secure connections when installed correctly. Whether you’re an experienced welder or just getting started with your project, understanding these components will help you create reliable joints every time!

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