ThePipingMart Blog Grades 15-5 PH Stainless Steel (UNS S15500) – Composition, Properties, and Uses

15-5 PH Stainless Steel (UNS S15500) – Composition, Properties, and Uses

15-5 PH Stainless Steel

Are you looking for an incredibly strong, corrosion-resistant, and versatile metal alloy? If so, look no further than 15 5 ph stainless steel. Due to its unique properties and applications, this material has been used in everything from medical tools to construction projects. Read on to learn more about the benefits of UNS S15500.

15-5 PHs stainless steel belongs to a family of chromium-nickel steels known as ferritic steels. It is composed of iron, chromium, nickel, and carbon. This alloy is heat treated at high temperatures and is extremely resistant to corrosion and rusting when exposed to air or water environments. Additionally, it has a great strength-to-weight ratio due to its low density.

One of the primary uses for 15  5 ph stainless steel is in manufacturing medical tools such as scalpels and surgical instruments due to its superior strength, low weight, and corrosion resistance. It also has many applications in construction due to its durability in extreme weather conditions—it can be used for roofing systems, HVAC components, window frames, and other structural components that require corrosion resistance. Additionally, this material can be used in automotive parts due to its ability to resist wear and tear over time. Lastly, it can be used in kitchenware products such as cutlery and cookware sets because it is non-toxic when heated or cooled down quickly.

Regarding maintenance and care, 15 5 ph stainless steel products are easy to clean with just soap and water or mild detergents; however, they should never be exposed to harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as these could damage the surface finish over time. Additionally, this material should not be exposed directly to flames or intense heat sources for extended periods as this could cause warping or discoloration.

What Forms is 15-5 PH Stainless Steel  Available at Piping Mart?

  • 15-5 PH Stainless Steel Coil
  • 15-5 PH Stainless Steel Foil

15-5 PH Stainless Steel Composition

SS 15-5 PH is a martensitic precipitation-hardening steel that offers an array of advantages for industrial and commercial applications. With its high chromium content, this steel has impressive corrosion resistance and strength, which allows it to be used in more extreme environments than regular stainless steel without fear of rusting or degrading. It also features high fatigue strength and improved heat resistance due to its addition of nickel. For Inconel sheet production, 15-5 PH Stainless Steel provides excellent mechanical and fatigue properties as well as great fabricability, allowing manufacturers to create complex designs with ease. This leads to Inconel sheet products that are highly resilient yet cost-effective.

Element Content (%)
Iron, Fe 75
Chromium, Cr 14.48
Nickel, Ni 4.5
Copper, Cu 3.5
Manganese, Mn ≤1
Silicon, Si ≤1
Nb + Ta 0.3
Carbon, C ≤0.07
Phosphorous, P ≤0.04
Sulfur, S ≤0.03

15-5 PH Stainless Steel Physical Properties

UNS S15500 is an Inconel sheet material used for a variety of applications. This steel is known to have excellent physical properties, such as high hardness, strength and corrosion resistance in both low and extreme temperatures. Moreover, the 15-5PH steel has the ability to retain its toughness when exposed to high stress or shock loading up to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. It also exhibits superior thermal fatigue resistance making it ideal for parts subject to rapid temperature changes. Not only can it endure long-term exposure to harsh atmospheres but you can also rely on 15-5 PH Stainless Steel to perform well under pressure while being easy on the budget too.

15-5 PH Stainless Steel Mechanical Properties

15-5 PH stainless steel is a high-strength, high corrosion resistant material. It is often used as Inconel sheet in fabrications and structural components due to its superior mechanical properties, including excellent strength and hardness. This alloy has good formability and weldability, making it one of the most popular materials for many industries. It is also valued for offering superior performance at a relatively low maintenance cost. With this combination of features, 15-5 PH stainless steel is an efficient solution for applications needing an effective mechanical property base.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile Strength 1380 MPa 200000 psi
Yield Strength 1275 MPa 184900 psi
Modulus of Elasticity 200 GPa 29000 ksi
Elongation at Break 10% 10%
Hardness, Brinell 420 420
Hardness, Knoop 451 451
Hardness, Rockwell B 104 104
Hardness, Rockewell C 44.2 44.2
Hardness, Vickers 445 445
Charpy Impact 10 J 7.38

15-5 PH Stainless Steel Specifications

AMS 5659, Type 1 (Vac Melt Bar)
AMS 5659, Type 2 (ESR Bar)
AMS 2300 (Bar)
ASTM A564 (Bar)
Type XM-12 (Bar)
AMS 5862 (Sheet)
UNS S15500

15-5 PH Stainless Steel Properties

SS 15-5 PH is an incredibly versatile material used in various applications. Its strength and durability make it a prime choice for components requiring high levels of corrosion resistance, such as aircraft parts and valves. Due to its high chromium content, 15-5 PH stainless steel provides excellent oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures, meaning it can handle extreme heat without degradation. Additionally, its creep strength exceeds most other materials in the same class, making it ideal for components subjected to dynamic loading conditions. Furthermore, 15-5 PH stainless steel offers superior abrasion and pitting resistance, making this alloy the perfect alternative to more expensive grades of stainless steel.

Corrosion Resistance

One of the primary benefits of 15-5 ph stainless steel is its high corrosion resistance. This type of stainless steel can withstand exposure to various chemicals and environments, making it an ideal choice for use in multiple industries.

High Strength

15-5 ph stainless steel is also known for its high strength. This type of steel can maintain its structural integrity even under high-stress levels, making it an ideal choice for applications where strength is critical.

Good Machinability

Another advantage of 15-5 ph stainless steel is that it is highly machinable. It can be easily cut, shaped, and formed into various products and parts.

Low Cost

15-5 ph stainless steel is also relatively low, making it an affordable option for many applications.

Wide Availability

15-5 ph stainless steel is widely available from several manufacturers, making it easy to find the right product for your needs.

15-5 PH Stainless Steel Uses

15-5 PH is a high-strength martensitic steel designed to offer superior corrosion resistance and toughness in various uses. It is often used across high-pressure, temperature, or corrosive environments such as the chemical and petrochemical industries. The nickel-chromium-cobalt alloy also has excellent oxidation and wear resistance properties making it an ideal material for applications as diverse as pumps, valves, and machined parts. Other popular uses of 15-5 PH include turbine blades, fasteners, aerospace components, medical devices, marine applications, and more. Thanks to its unique blend of strength and durability, 15-5 PH stainless steel will always be a reliable choice for virtually any industry requiring superior performance from its materials.


15 5 PHs stainless steel is an incredibly durable material that offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio due to its low density and excellent resistance against corrosion and rust when exposed to air or water environments. This makes it ideal for use in industries such as medical supplies manufacturing, where precision is essential; automotive parts production, which requires wear resistance; construction, where weatherproofing matters; kitchenware which must remain non-toxic even when hot; plus much more! With proper maintenance and care, this material can provide long-lasting solutions for any number of applications – making it one of the most reliable materials available today!

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