ThePipingMart Blog Grades Alloy Steel Grade WC5 – Composition, Properties and Uses

Alloy Steel Grade WC5 – Composition, Properties and Uses

Alloy Steel Grade WC5

If you’re looking for a steel grade that is reliable, durable and can withstand a variety of conditions, then alloy steel grade WC5 is an excellent choice. It is composed of carbon, manganese, silicon, nickel and chromium, giving it superior strength and high-performance capabilities. Let’s take a look at the composition and properties of this versatile alloy steel.


Steel Grade WC5’s primary components are carbon (0.35%), manganese (1.8%), silicon (2%) , nickel (2%) and chromium (1%). This combination gives WC5 its superior strength and hardness while also making it resistant to corrosion in certain environments.

C(%) Si(%) Mn(%) P(%) S(%) Cr(%) Ni(%) Mo(%) W(%)
0.05-0.20 Max 0.60 0.40-0.70 Max 0.040 Max 0.045 0.50-0.90 0.60-1.00 0.90-1.20 0.10

Chemical Properties

The chemical properties of this grade wc5 make it particularly suited for applications where heat and corrosion resistance are needed. The nickel content makes it very strong even at higher temperatures, while the chromium content adds good corrosion resistance against water and other corrosive elements.

Mechanical Properties

Alloy WC5 has outstanding mechanical properties that make it ideal for many applications including aerospace components and automotive parts. Its tensile strength is 80ksi, yield strength is 65 ksi and elongation is 20%. These mechanical properties make this an incredibly strong metal that can be used for a variety of projects requiring high levels of strength and durability.

Rp0.2 (MPa) Rm (MPa) Impact
KV (J)
A (%)
A Z (%) Delivery Hardness HB
457 (≥) 974 (≥) 21 11 32 Solution & Aging, Ann, Ausaging, Q+T 234

Physical Properties

This alloy steel has excellent physical properties such as good plasticity, toughness, wear resistance, fatigue strength and machinability. It can be machined or welded with ease due to its superior physical characteristics. In addition, its plasticity allows it to form easily into complex shapes without compromising its structural integrity or performance capabilities.


Alloy Steel Grade WC5 is used in many industries because of its unique combination of chemical, mechanical, physical and thermal properties. It can be found in aerospace components such as valves and turbine blades as well as automobile parts such as gears, crankshafts and drive shafts. It can also be used in marine applications due to its excellent corrosion resistance.

Corrosion Resistance

This alloy steel offers good corrosion resistance against saltwater spray or liquids containing chlorine or sulfuric acid due to its chromium content which helps protect against oxidation from these elements over time. Additionally, when heated properly during welding or other manufacturing processes it develops an oxide layer which further aids in protecting against corrosion over time as well as providing additional hardness for wear resistance when compared to other steels grades with similar compositions but without the oxide layer present on the surface after heat treatment processes .

Heat Resistance

The nickel content provides excellent heat resistance so that this alloy steel can be used in applications where high temperatures are expected without losing any structural integrity or performance capabilities over time due to degradation from heat exposure . As an added benefit, the chromium content helps provide oxidation protection which further increases the longevity of this material when exposed to extreme temperature changes like those experienced during welding operations .

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment processes are necessary when working with Alloy Steel Grade WC5 because they help increase the material’s overall strength by manipulating internal grain structures within the metal itself. Different types of heat treatments include normalizing , quenching , tempering , stress relieving , etc., depending on the type of performance characteristics desired from the finished part or product . When done correctly, these treatments will ensure that your parts have optimal levels of hardness , toughness , ductility , etc., based on their intended application usage requirements .


Machining Alloy Steel Grade WC5 requires special attention due to its hard nature, but with proper tool selection, these operations can still be completed successfully . The key here will be selecting tools that have been designed specifically for machining steels since they will have optimized geometries designed specifically for cutting through harder materials like this one . Additionally, using coolants during machining operations will help reduce tool wear by removing chips from cutting areas faster, thereby reducing friction between them and resulting in better surface finishes.


Welding Alloy Steel Grade WC5 requires advanced knowledge since welding parameters must be carefully considered before beginning work on any project involving this material . Preheat processes should always be performed before welding starts so that any unwanted residual stresses caused by rapid cooling do not cause cracking after service loading conditions are applied after assembly completes . Additionally understanding proper filler metal selection is also important since incorrect filler metals may not adhere properly causing weak spots along joint lines leading to premature failure later down the road if not addressed immediately prior


In conclusion, Alloy Steel Grade Wc5 is a reliable material suitable for a variety of applications due to its superior combination of chemical mechanical, physical, thermal & corrosion resistant characteristics when treated properly according to customer requirement specifications & industry standards set forth by governing bodies within respective fields such industries thus making sure end-user receives optimal quality part every time regardless what environment part gets put through out life cycle once enters service helping increase longevity & reliability expected from the product being produced allowing businesses save money long run/overall experience customer satisfaction knowing job got done the right first time!

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