ThePipingMart Blog Grades AMS 3637 Stainless Steel – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AMS 3637 Stainless Steel – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AMS 3637 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a type of steel that contains a minimum of 10.5% chromium. It is resistant to corrosion and rust and is often used in various applications such as construction, food processing, and medical equipment. One type of stainless steel is commonly used in AMS 3637. This blog will discuss everything you need about AMS 3637 stainless steel, including its composition, physical and mechanical properties, uses, hardness, and heat treatment.

AMS 3637 Stainless Steel Composition

AMS 3637 is a type of stainless steel part of the 300 series. It comprises primarily iron, chromium, and nickel, with small amounts of molybdenum and manganese. The high nickel content in AMS 3637 gives it excellent corrosion resistance and is highly resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion. It also has a low carbon content, making it resistant to sensitization when welded.

 AMS 3637 Stainless Steel Physical Properties

AMS 3637 has a 7.93 g/cm³ density and a melting point of 1398-1454 °C. It has a high thermal conductivity and a low thermal expansion coefficient, making it an excellent choice for high-temperature applications. It is also non-magnetic and has a high electrical conductivity.

AMS 3637 Stainless Steel Mechanical Properties

AMS 3637 has excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile and yield strength. It is also flexible and can be easily formed, bent, or drawn into various shapes. Its high corrosion resistance makes it an excellent choice for marine or harsh environment applications.

AMS 3637 Stainless Steel Uses

AMS 3637 is commonly used in various industries, such as aerospace, chemical processing, and medical equipment. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes it ideal for marine and offshore applications. It is also used in food processing equipment, pulp and paper processing equipment, and heat exchangers. Its high-temperature properties make it an excellent choice for high-temperature applications such as furnace parts and gas turbines.

AMS 3637 Stainless Steel Hardness

AMS 3637 has a high hardness value of up to 302 HB. This hardness value makes it ideal for applications requiring high hardness and wear resistance. Its excellent strength and hardness make it resistant to deformation and ideal for parts that require high wear resistance.

AMS 3637 Stainless Steel Heat Treatment

AMS 3637 can be heat treated to increase its strength and hardness. The recommended heat treatment for AMS 3637 is annealing, which involves heating the material to a specific temperature and holding it there for a specific amount before cooling it slowly. This process helps relieve stress, increase flexibility, and refine the material’s grain structure.


In conclusion, AMS 3637 stainless steel is popular in various industries due to its excellent mechanical and physical properties. Its high nickel content provides excellent corrosion resistance, making it ideal for marine and harsh environment applications. It also has a high-temperature resistance and hardness value, making it ideal for high-temperature and high-wear resistance applications. The versatility of AMS 3637 makes it an excellent choice for various applications, and its ability to be heat treated provides added strength and durability.

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AMS 3637 Stainless Steel – Composition, Properties, and Uses

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