ThePipingMart Blog Grades AMS 5597 Inconel Alloy – Composition, Properties and Uses

AMS 5597 Inconel Alloy – Composition, Properties and Uses

AMS 5597 

AMS5597 is a high-quality nickel alloy that has gained significant popularity in various industries, such as aerospace, chemical processing, and power generation. This alloy boasts many fantastic properties, such as high strength, excellent resistance to corrosion, and high-temperature resistance. In this blog post, we will explore the characteristics of AMS 5597, and its physical and mechanical properties, explore the uses of this nickel alloy, and dive into its hardness and heat treatment.

What is AMS 5597?

AMS 5597 (also known as Inconel Alloy 718 )is a high-temperature nickel alloy used in various industries, especially aerospace and gas turbine engineering. This alloy has an incredible resistance to heat, making it the perfect candidate for harsh environments such as jet engines. It’s been tested to withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and can endure significant mechanical stresses at elevated temperatures. That’s some tough stuff! And with its excellent weldability and corrosion resistance, AMS5597 is a valuable asset to the manufacturing industry.

What form is AMS 5597 Available at Piping Mart?

  • Nut
  • Bar
  • Bolt
  • Pipe
  • Screw
  • Tubing
  • Valves
  • Washers
  • Flanges
  • Fasteners
  • Electrodes
  • Stud Bolts
  • Sheet Plates
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Forged Fitting
  • Instrumentation Fittings

AMS 5597 Composition

AMS5597 is a high-quality nickel alloy characterized by its high strength, excellent resistance to corrosion, and thermal stability. Its chemical composition consists of Ni-Cr-Mo-Nb-Fe, making it highly durable and reliable in demanding applications. In particular, this alloy is often used in harsh and critical environments such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and aerospace.

Ni Fe Cr Cu Mo Nb C Mn P S Si Ti Al Co B
.30 max
.08 max
.35 max
.015 max
.015 max
.35 max
1.00 max
.006 max

AMS 5597 Physical properties

The physical properties of AMS 5597 tubing include excellent high-temperature resistance, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1600°F (871°C) without losing its structural integrity. Its high strength, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability make it an ideal candidate for use in extreme conditions.

Solution Treated Solution Treated and Aged
Density 0.296 lb/in3 (8.192 g/cm3) 0.297 lb/in3 (8.22 g/cm3)
Specific Gravity 8.19 8.22
Melting Range 2500-2600°F 1370-1430°C

AMS 5597 Mechanical properties

The mechanical properties of AMS 5597 are also impressive. This alloy has high strength, ductility and toughness, making it resistant to fractures and deformation, even under extreme pressure.

Ultimate Tensile Strength, psi .2% Yield Strength psi Elongation % Hardness Rockwell B

AMS 5597 Specifications

Sheet / Plate Bar Wire

AMS 5597 Uses

AMS 5597 is suitable for use in various applications because of its specific combination of physical properties. For instance, this alloy is used in aircraft and aerospace components because it maintains structural integrity in high-temperature and high-stress environments. It is also commonly used in heat exchangers and chemical processing equipment because of its excellent corrosion-resistant properties.

AMS 5597 Hardness

The hardness of AMS 5597 depends on the heat it is exposed to. The alloy is typically delivered in the annealed state, which is soft and easily formable. However, when heated to high temperatures, AMS 5597 acquires excellent strength and hardness. This process is known as ageing and can occur naturally while in use or artificially by exposing AMS 5597 to elevated temperatures in a controlled environment.

AMS 5597 Heat treatment

Regarding heat treatment, AMS 5597 bars can be either annealed or aged. Depending on the specific application, this alloy can be heat treated to increase its strength and hardness or to reduce its brittleness and increase its ductility. Manufacturers provide a comprehensive heat treatment manual that provides operators with specific guidance on achieving the desired properties.


AMS 5597 material is a high-quality nickel alloy with significant use in various applications. It is renowned for its exceptional physical properties, mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance, making it a reliable choice for many industries. Its ductility, toughness, and high-temperature resistance make it ideal for harsh environments where other materials would fail. If you are looking for a highly durable and reliable alternative to steel in your application, AMS 5597 is worth considering.

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