ThePipingMart Blog Grades AMS 5604 Stainless Steel – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AMS 5604 Stainless Steel – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AMS 5604

When it comes to materials used for construction, the quality and strength of the product are always essential considerations. AMS 5604 Stainless steel is a common material used for various projects, and it is important to understand its composition, physical and mechanical properties, and potential uses. This article aims to provide an overview of AMS 5604, one of the most sought-after stainless steel types.

What is AMS 5604?

AMS 5604 (also known as 17-4 PH Stainless Steel) is a highly sought-after stainless steel for its corrosion resistance and durability. This material is frequently used in applications involving extreme conditions, such as aerospace engineering or producing critical components in the medical industry. With its unique mix of iron, chromium, and nickel, AMS5604 can withstand harsh chemicals and high temperatures for extended periods, making it an ideal choice for many industrial applications. Whether you want to create a product that can withstand the rigours of day-to-day use or need a material that can withstand extreme environmental conditions, AMS5604 should be at the top of your list.

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  • Screws

AMS 5604 Composition

AMS 5604 material is a type of stainless steel made of iron, chromium, and nickel. This alloy contains approximately 17-19% chromium and 8-11% nickel. It also has small amounts of other elements, such as molybdenum, manganese, silicon, and carbon. The high amount of nickel in its composition gives it excellent resistance to various forms of corrosion, which makes it a good choice for use in harsh environments.

Chemical Element % Present
Carbon (C) 0.0 – 0.07
Chromium (Cr) 15.00 – 17.00
Manganese (Mn) 0.0 – 1.50
Silicon (Si) 0.0 – 0.70
Phosphorous (P) 0.0 – 0.04
Sulphur (S) 0.0 – 0.03
Nickel (Ni) 3.00 – 5.00
Copper (Cu) 3.00 – 5.00
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.0 – 0.60
Niobium (Columbium) (Nb) 0.0 – 0.45
Iron (Fe) Balance

AMS 5604 Physical Properties

AMS 5604 sheet has impressive physical properties that make it efficient for different applications. For instance, its density ranges between 7.71 grams per cubic centimetre and 7.81 grams per cubic centimetre. This means it has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it an excellent material for high-performance parts. It also has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means it is less likely to expand or contract when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Physical Property Value
Density 7.75 g/cm³
Thermal Expansion 10.8 x10^-6 /K
Modulus of Elasticity 196 GPa
Thermal Conductivity 18.4 W/m.K
Electrical Resistivity 0.8 x10^-6 Ω .m

AMS 5604 Mechanical Properties

AMS 5604 plates has excellent mechanical properties, making it a highly desirable material for various applications. The tensile strength of this alloy ranges from 185,000 psi to 240,000 psi. Additionally, it has excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance, which is important in applications where the material is exposed to high stress, vibration, and corrosive environments. Apart from this, it has good ductility and malleability, which makes it easier to form and shape.

Properties Metric Imperial
Shear modulus 77.4 GPa 11200 ksi
Elastic modulus 190-210 GPa 27557-30458 ksi
Poisson’s ratio 0.27-0.30 0.27-0.30
Hardness, Brinell 352 352
Hardness, Knoop (estimated from Rockwell C) 363 363
Hardness, Rockwell C 36 36
Hardness, Vickers (estimated from Rockwell C) 349 349

AMS 5604 Equivalents

AISI 630 ASTM A693 (630) AMS 5342 MIL-S-81506
AMS 5604 ASTM A705 (630) AMS 5343 SAE J467 (17-4PH)
AMS 5622 MIL C-24111 AMS 5344 ASME SA705
AMS 5643 MIL P-47183 AMS 5355 ASME SA564
ASTM A564 (630) MIL S-81591 AMS 5825

AMS 5604 Uses

AMS 5604 welding wire is used in many applications because of its excellent properties. Its high resistance to corrosion makes it ideal for use in marine environments, the oil and gas industry, and chemical processing plants. Additionally, because of its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and fatigue resistance, it is often used in aerospace, automotive, and defence applications. It has also been used in medical implants and kitchen equipment applications.

AMS 5604 Hardness

The hardness of AMS 5604 can vary depending on its heat treatment. When in the annealed condition, it has a Rockwell B hardness of about 90. However, the hardness can increase after heat treatment to 45 HRC, making it suitable for applications requiring high wear resistance.

AMS 5604 Heat treatment

AMS 5604 wire can be heat-treated to improve its mechanical properties. The process involves heating the material to a high temperature and then rapidly cooling it. This process leads to the formation of a martensitic structure, which gives the alloy its high strength and hardness properties. The hardness level can be adjusted by varying the amount of heat treatment.


AMS 5604 material is a high-performance alloy with unique properties, making it an excellent material for various applications. Its excellent corrosion resistance, strength-to-weight ratio, and fatigue resistance make it ideal for aerospace, automotive, and defence applications. It can be heat-treated to improve its mechanical properties and has found use in medical implants, kitchen equipment, and other applications where high strength and corrosion resistance are required. Understanding the properties and uses of AMS5604 is vital for anyone looking for a reliable material for their project.

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