ThePipingMart Blog Grades AMS 5644 Stainless Steel – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AMS 5644 Stainless Steel – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AMS 5644

When it comes to choosing materials for industrial applications, there are many options out there. One popular choice among engineers and manufacturers is AMS 5644 stainless steel. But what exactly is AMS 5644, and why is it so commonly used? This blog post will explore the composition, physical and mechanical properties, and uses of AMS 5644 stainless steel and its hardness and heat treatment methods.

What is AMS 5644?

AMS 5644 (also known as 17-7 PH Stainless Steel) is a type of stainless steel that has gained popularity due to its impressive strength and resistance to corrosion. This material is often used in critical aerospace applications, where reliability and durability are paramount. But it’s not just limited to aerospace – AMS 5644 sheet can also be found in medical devices, industrial equipment, and jewellery. With its unique combination of properties, it’s no wonder this material is in high demand across various industries. So, whether designing a new aeroplane or crafting high-quality jewellery, AMS5644 is a material worth considering.

What Form is AMS 5644 Available at Piping Mart?

  • Screw

AMS 5644 Composition

AMS 5644 bars is a type of austenitic stainless steel with high levels of chromium and nickel, making it highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It also contains small amounts of molybdenum, which enhances its strength and resistance to pitting corrosion. Additionally, AMS5644 stainless steel has low levels of carbon, which provides excellent weldability.

Element Content (%)
Chromium, Cr 16-18
Nickel, Ni 6.50 – 7.75
Manganese, Mn 1 max
Silicon, Si 1 max
Aluminum, Al 0.75 – 1.50
Carbon, C 0.09 max
Phosphorous, P 0.040 max
Sulfur, S 0.030 max
Iron, Fe Balance

AMS 5644 Physical Properties

AMS 5644 has a density of 0.279 lb/in³ and a melting range of 2500-2550°F. It also has a high electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity. Additionally, AMS 5644 has high flexibility, which means it can withstand a certain amount of deformation without breaking.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 7.80 g/cm3 0.282 lb/in3

AMS 5644 Mechanical Properties

AMS 5644 stainless steel has a high tensile strength of 150 ksi and a yield strength of 110 ksi. It also has excellent fatigue strength, making it suitable for various applications. Additionally, AMS 5644 sheet has good impact toughness, which can absorb energy without fracturing.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength 1170 MPa 170000 psi
Yield strength 965 MPa 140000 psi
Modulus of elasticity 204 GPa 29600 ksi
Poisson’s ratio 0.27-0.30 0.27-0.30
Elongation at break 6% 6%
Hardness, Rockwell C 38 38

AMS 5644 Equivalents

AISI 631 AMS 5528 AMS 5529 AMS 5568 AMS 5644
AMS 5678 ASTM A313 (631) ASTM A564 (631) ASTM A579 (631) ASTM A693 (631)
ASTM A705 (631) DIN 1.4568 MIL S-25043 DIN 1.4568 AMS 5673
AMS 5824 ASME SA705 ASTM A579 (grade 62) MIL SPEC MIL-W-46078 SAE J217
SAE J467

AMS 5644 Uses

AMS 5644 is commonly used in aerospace and defence applications, requiring corrosion resistance and high strength. It also manufactures steam turbines, chemical process equipment, and marine applications. Additionally, due to its biocompatibility, AMS 5644 produces surgical instruments and medical equipment.

AMS 5644 Hardness

AMS 5644 stainless steel has a hardness of 25 HRC in the annealed condition and up to 42 HRC in the precipitation-hardened condition. Heat treatment methods, such as solution annealing and ageing, can achieve this hardness.

AMS 5644 Heat Treatment

To achieve the desired mechanical properties and hardness levels, AMS 5644 stainless steel is typically solution annealed at 1900-2100°F, followed by a rapid quench. This process is then followed by ageing at 900-1150°F for several hours, increasing the material’s strength and hardness.

AMS 5644 Density

AMS 5644 is a high-strength, aerospace-grade steel alloy with exceptional mechanical properties. Density, a measure of mass per unit volume, is essential when selecting a material for any engineering application. In the case of AMS 5644, it has a density of approximately 7.85 g/cm3 – meaning it is slightly denser than other common steel alloys. This higher density results in greater strength and resistance to deformation, making it an ideal choice for components that require both strength and durability. In addition, its superior corrosion resistance and ability to withstand high temperatures make it highly desirable for use in aircraft engines, landing gear, and hydraulic systems. Overall, the density of AMS 5644 is just one of the many factors that make it a standout choice for use in aerospace and other high-stress applications.


AMS 5644 stainless steel is versatile, with excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and good toughness. Its composition, physical and mechanical properties, and heat treatment methods make it popular for various industrial applications, particularly aerospace and defence, chemical process equipment, and medical equipment manufacturing. Whether you’re looking for a durable material for industrial applications or a biocompatible material for medical devices, AMS 5644 stainless steel is worth considering.

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