ThePipingMart Blog Grades AMS 5882 Nickel Alloy – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AMS 5882 Nickel Alloy – Composition, Properties, and Uses

AMS 5882

AMS 5882 is a highly popular and versatile aerospace material with superior mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. This material is designed to provide enhanced resistance to high-temperature and high-pressure environments. It has received rigorous testing and standardization, making it one of the most reliable materials available to manufacturers. In this blog, we will dive deep into understanding the composition, physical and mechanical properties, hardness, heat treatment, and uses of AMS5882.

What is AMS 5882?

AMS 5882 is a specification for cobalt-based alloys used in aircraft turbine engines. It has excellent wear and corrosion resistance at extremely high temperatures, making it a great choice for highly demanding engine parts such as blades, vanes, discs, and combustors. Its components include iron and chromium to increase heat tolerance and nickel to add flexibility.

AMS 5882 Composition

AMS 5882 is a nickel-based alloy that contains around 22-24% of chromium, 9-11% of molybdenum, 5-6% of tungsten, 4-5% of niobium, 3-4% of aluminium, and 0.07-0.12% of carbon. Its precise composition ensures a high melting point, enhances stress and oxidation resistance, and prevents corrosion even in extreme environments.

AMS 5882 Physical Properties

AMS 5882 is a superalloy with exceptional physical properties that make it perfect for high-temperature and high-pressure environments. The density of AMS 5882 is around 8.3 grams per cubic centimetre. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is 12.9×10^-6cm/cm/K. The material’s melting point is 1,350 °C, and the thermal conductivity is 15.3 W/m*K.

AMS 5882 Mechanical Properties

AMS 5882 is renowned for its incredible mechanical properties, making it the perfect choice for demanding aerospace applications. It exhibits a high tensile strength of around 1620 MPa and yield strength of around 860 MPa. It also has a high endurance limit of about 550 MPa and good elasticity of about 34%. The material’s fatigue resistance is also excellent, making it ideal for aerospace applications.

AMS 5882 Hardness

AMS 5882 is known for its exceptional hardness and resistance to deformation, which is essential for its use in high-temperature applications. The material’s Brinell hardness is around 279, which signifies its incredible toughness and resistance to deformation under a heavy load.

AMS 5882 Uses

AMS 5882 is widely used in various industries, including aerospace, gas turbines, and petrochemicals, due to its excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature stability. It is commonly used in manufacturing critical components such as gas turbine blades, combustion chambers, aircraft engines, and other high-performance parts.

AMS 5882 Heat Treatment

The heat treatment process of AMS 5882 is a crucial step in ensuring that it attains the required mechanical properties. The material is usually heat-treated at a temperature of around 1149°C -1260°C for ¼ to ½ hour. The alloy is then quenched in air or cold water to achieve the desired properties.


AMS 5882 material is a reliable and versatile material that provides exceptional properties and is commonly used in demanding aerospace applications. Understanding the composition, physical and mechanical properties, hardness, heat treatment, and uses of AMS 5882 is crucial in ensuring its proper use and maintenance. This knowledge gives manufacturers the insight to produce superior-quality parts while enhancing their product development process.

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