ThePipingMart Blog Grades AMS 6382 Alloy Steel – Composition, Properties and Uses

AMS 6382 Alloy Steel – Composition, Properties and Uses

AMS 6382

SAE – AMS 6382 is becoming increasingly popular across various industries. This alloy is a type of steel that boasts incredible strength and durability. It is manufactured following strict guidelines provided by the Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) for high-stress applications. This article will give you a comprehensive guide on all you need to know about this alloy.

What is AMS 6382?

AMS 6382 (also known as SAE-AISI 4140 Alloy Steel) metal is a type of high-strength alloy that is sought after for its impressive physical properties. This material is composed mainly of Nickel, Chromium, and Molybdenum, which work together to provide exceptional resistance to corrosion, heat, and wear. AMS6382 metal is commonly used in various industries, including aerospace engineering, defense manufacturing, and heavy machinery. Its remarkable strength and durability make it ideal for parts exposed to extreme conditions, such as aircraft turbines and engine components. While often overlooked, this advanced metal plays a crucial role in the functionality and longevity of many modern technologies.

What Form is AMS 6382 Available at Piping Mart?

  • Alloy Steel AISI 4140 Bars

AMS 6382 Composition

AMS 6382 sheet contains a combination of carbon, manganese, silicon, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, and boron. This unique blend of elements makes this alloy extremely strong and durable. High amounts of nickel can also be added to enhance corrosion resistance.

Element Content (%)
Iron, Fe 96.785 – 97.77
Chromium, Cr 0.80 – 1.10
Manganese, Mn 0.75 – 1.0
Carbon, C 0.380 – 0.430
Silicon, Si 0.15 – 0.30
Molybdenum, Mo 0.15 – 0.25
Sulfur, S 0.040

Phosphorous, P


AMS 6382 Physical Properties

This alloy has a density of 7.85 g/cm3 and a melting point of 1427°C. The melting process is carried out through electric arc or vacuum induction methods. The alloy exits the manufacturing process in sheets, bars or tubes of varying shapes and sizes, dependent on application.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 7.85 g/cm3 0.284 lb/in³
Melting point 1416°C 2580°F

AMS 6382 Mechanical Properties

AMS 6382 plate boasts an impressive tensile strength of 2000MPa, elevated-yield strength, high-fatigue strength, creep resistance, and excellent toughness. Its strength-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for aircraft structures, gas turbines, missiles, and other high-stress applications. It is resistant to corrosion, wear, and tear.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength 655 MPa 95000 psi
Yield strength 415 MPa 60200 psi
Bulk modulus (typical for steel) 140 GPa 20300 ksi
Shear modulus (typical for steel) 80 GPa 11600 ksi
Elastic modulus 190-210 GPa 27557-30458 ksi
Poisson’s ratio 0.27-0.30 0.27-0.30
Elongation at break (in 50 mm) 25.70% 25.70%
Hardness, Brinell 197 197
Hardness, Knoop (converted from Brinell hardness) 219 219
Hardness, Rockwell B (converted from Brinell hardness) 92 92
Hardness, Rockwell C (converted from Brinell hardness. Value below normal HRC range, for comparison purposes only) 13 13
Hardness, Vickers (converted from Brinell hardness) 207 207
Machinability (based on AISI 1212 as 100 machinability) 65 65

AMS 6382 Equivalent

AMS 6349 ASTM A193 (B7, B7M) ASTM A506 (4140) ASTM A752 (4140)
AMS 6381 ASTM A194 (7, 7M) ASTM A513 ASTM A829
AMS 6382 ASTM A29 (4140) ASTM A513 (4140) SAE J1397 (4140)
AMS 6390 ASTM A320 (L7, L7M, L7D) ASTM A519 (4140) SAE J404 (4140)
AMS 6395 ASTM A322 (4140) ASTM A646 (4140) SAE J412 (4140)
AMS 6529 ASTM A331 (4140) ASTM A711

AMS 6382 Uses

AMS 6382 wire is used in various high-performance applications such as helicopter transmissions, aircraft landing gears, missile parts, jet engines, transmission gears, pumps, valves, and power generators.

AMS 6382 Hardness

AMS 6382 strip has an impressive hardness of 58-62RC. Its high hardness makes it resistant to deformities even in conditions that would otherwise cause most alloys to disintegrate.

AMS 6382 Heat treatment

AMS 6382 bars is heat-treated after manufacturing to achieve the desired properties. The alloy can be quenched and tempered at varying temperatures to attain the required shapes and toughness.


To summarize, AMS 6382 material is a high-performance alloy used in many applications that require strength, toughness, and durability. The strength-to-weight ratio is ideal for high-stress environments such as aircraft structures and engines, missile parts, transmission gears, and power generators. The alloy is known for its excellent physical and mechanical properties and high resistance to corrosion, wear, fatigue, and creep. Therefore, if you are in the aerospace, defence or industrial sectors, consider AMS 6382 for your high-performance projects.

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