ThePipingMart Blog Grades 175 Beryllium Copper (UNS C17500) – Properties, Composition, and Uses

175 Beryllium Copper (UNS C17500) – Properties, Composition, and Uses


UNS C17500 is an alloy that has become increasingly popular due to its unique properties. It offers great resistance to corrosion and heat and excellent mechanical and physical properties. In this blog post, we’ll look at the composition of Beryllium Copper 175, its chemical and mechanical properties, uses, and more.

What Forms is Beryllium 175 Copper Available at Piping Mart?

  • Beryllium Copper 175 Bars
  • Beryllium Copper 175 Pipes
  • Beryllium Copper 175 Tubes
  • Beryllium Copper 175 Nuts
  • Beryllium Copper 175 Valves
  • Beryllium Copper 175 Pipe Fittings
  • Beryllium Copper 175 Forged Fittings
  • Beryllium Copper 175 Instrumentation Fittings

175 Beryllium Copper Composition

175 Beryllium Copper is a copper-based alloy composed primarily of copper (95%) and beryllium (5%). The beryllium content in this Alloy gives it superior corrosion resistance compared to other copper-based alloys. It also has good electrical conductivity and thermal stability.

Element Content (%)
Cu 96.9
Be 2.5
Co 0.6

175 Beryllium Copper Chemical Properties

Beryllium Copper 175 is an alloy with excellent chemical resistance thanks to its composition. It can withstand most acids, alkalis, and organic solvents without corroding or degrading. The beryllium content also makes it resistant to oxidation at high temperatures.

175 Beryllium Copper Mechanical Properties

Beryllium Copper UNS C17500 Alloy has excellent mechanical properties, including tensile strength, ductility, hardness, fatigue strength, creep resistance, machinability, formability, machinability rating(MR), work hardenability index(WHI), etc. It is also non-magnetic, making it suitable for use in applications with magnetic fields.

Properties Conditions
T (°C) Treatment
Poisson’s ratio 0.34 25
Elastic modulus 117 GPa 25
Tensile strength 310-793 MPa
Yield strength 172-758 MPa 25 (flat products, rod)
Elongation 28%

UNS C17500 Beryllium Copper Physical Properties

The physical properties of UNS C17500 Alloy include a low friction coefficient, making it ideal for bearing applications where lubrication is not possible or desirable. It also has excellent wear resistance, which extends its life expectancy in applications with sliding contact surfaces such as gears or cams. Additionally, the Alloy’s low thermal expansion rate allows it to maintain dimensional stability when exposed to elevated temperatures.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 8.60 g/cm3 0.311 lb/in3
Melting point 1029°C 1885°F

175 Beryllium Copper Equivalent

Other designations that are equivalent to UNS C17500 copper alloys include:

  • UNS C17500
  • ASTM B441
  • ASTM B534
  • MIL C-81021
  • SAE J461
  • SAE J463

Beryllium Copper 175 Specifications

MIL C-81021
SAE J461
SAE J463
UNS C17500

175 Beryllium Copper Uses

Copper C17500 Material has various uses due to its combined chemical and physical properties. Its superior corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity make it ideal for electrical systems such as computers or cell phones. At the same time, its low thermal expansion rate allows it to be used in aircraft components such as engine mounts or landing gear subjected to significant temperature changes during flight operations. Additionally, its superior wear resistance allows it to be used in bearings and other high-wear applications, such as gears or cams, where lubrication may not be feasible or desirable.

Corrosion Resistance

Beryllium copper 175 is an alloy composed of 0.5-1.5% beryllium, 0.3-0.7% cobalt, and the remainder of copper, making it incredibly corrosion-resistant. This makes it a popular choice in high-stress, acidic environments where electrochemical and galvanic corrosion are both issues. Its incredible strength makes it a viable option for heavy-duty applications like aerospace components, aircraft landing gears, deep-sea exploration equipment, and instruments used in extreme environments. Beryllium copper 175 also offers excellent conductivity characteristics at elevated temperatures, making it an exceptional material for many modern devices and structures.

Heat Resistance

C17500 copper is a form of copper alloyed with beryllium and other elements with unique characteristics for heat resistance. It offers an ideal strength and electrical conductivity balance, with superior hardness, fatigue, and corrosion resistance. This combination of properties makes it especially suitable for applications requiring high thermal stability from repeated heating and cooling cycles. Additionally, its increased brittleness at higher temperatures can be used in products such as spark plugs that require heavy-duty loads while maintaining their integrity throughout their lifetime. As we strive to create durable components capable of withstanding high heat levels, beryllium Cu 175 has proven to be the right choice for a wide range of commercial applications.

Heat Treatment

BeCopper 175 is an alloy known for its impressive strength and flexibility. Its heat treatment process allows for these properties to not only remain intact but to increase in a range of various applications. The heat treatment used for this copper alloy involves carefully heating and cooling the metal to redistribute the copper molecules within it. Doing so enables the Beryllium Copper 175 to display superior strength to other alloys while maintaining its malleability and flexibility under certain conditions. In short, this heat treatment process is vital in helping produce a higher-quality result with beryllium copper alloys such as BeCu 175.


175 Beryllium Copper is an alloy with a unique combination of strength and electrical conductivity, making it a superb choice for machining. It is an ideal material for producing precision-machined components due to its flexibility and bendability. Thanks to its enhanced stress corrosion cracking resistance, it can be used in various applications, such as moulds, punches, shears, probes, and spring contacts. However, machining Beryllium Copper 175 requires knowledge of the interaction between the cutting tool and material. This Alloy may wear down cutting tools faster than other steels because of its hardness. In addition, specialized heat-treating techniques are essential when machining parts this hard so that high precision performance is achieved without compromising strength or reliability.


In conclusion, combining chemical and physical properties makes Berylalloy Alloy an ideal material for many applications ranging from electrical systems to aircraft components to high-wear items like bearings or cams. Its superior corrosion resistance and excellent electrical conductivity make it an attractive option when considering materials for any type of application requiring these characteristics. If you’re looking for a material with good strength yet retains dimensional stability when exposed to extreme temperatures, you should consider using berylAlloy for your next project!

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